The Taengoo Cake

I won a Taeyeon Cake from Taeyeon PH last August 27th and it was a piece of art.


IMG_20170827_191626IMG_20170827_191610IMG_20170827_183541IMG_20170827_183528IMG_20170827_183513IMG_20170827_183506IMG_20170827_183434IMG_20170827_183421IMG_20170827_183411IMG_20170827_183403IMG_20170827_183315It was my first time having and carrying such a huge cake. It was delicious.


A Visit to the National Museum of the Philippines

Summer 2017 – I did not get to go to an actual trip despite my three-month off from school.

Due to reasons unknown (okay, maybe because of my lazy ass), I did not get to travel this summer, just like how my summers were 5 years ago. I decided to go out on a small adventure and, as I have been wanting to visit the National Museum for so long, I picked the place.

June 7th, 2017, I left the house at 12:05PM, it was pretty hot then. I walked to where I rode a jeepney and left by 12:11PM. Mom told me that it takes about a couple of hours to get to the city hall but I arrived at 12:59PM.

[Please excuse the low quality of photos. I used my old phone to take the photos.]


It started to drizzle by the time I got there and it was a hassle. My phone could not pick up signal and it became a problem as I did not know which way the National Museum was from where I got off. Apparently, the guide I was checking lead to Intramuros.  It took about 45 minutes before I finally gave up and asked a guard how to get to the museum.


Turns out it was the other way from I was going. I walked a few minutes and around 2:01, I arrived at the museum. I was honestly amused.


Finally, the National Museum.IMG_20170607_134513IMG_20170607_134537IMG_20170607_134639

Whoops, gotta take more sky photos before I go in.


Going inside was exciting. I checked everything out before giving my bag to the counter. Things like this make me uncomfortable. I rely on my bag so much that it’s hard to let anyone touch it.

A photo of the

An unfinished painting by Fernando Amorsolo which I came to like. IMG_20170607_143420IMG_20170607_144548IMG_20170607_144821

The Senate Session Hall was spacious and without a large number of people. My happy place.IMG_20170607_151809IMG_20170607_151814IMG_20170607_151851

I took a few more photos of the art that caught my attention, as advised by my workmate. I wasn’t a fan of taking photos of other people’s art. IMG_20170607_152519IMG_20170607_152526IMG_20170607_154820IMG_20170607_155237

I tried to take a photo of this for later reading, but my phone camera was not good enough to create a readable photo. IMG_20170607_155331

Before I left, I took a photo of the Spoliarium. I never thought it would turn out to be this big.


It was raining when I went out.


The National Museum outside. IMG_20170607_162518IMG_20170607_162601IMG_20170607_162612IMG_20170607_162634

I headed to the mall near my house before 5 and waited for 7:30 as I bought a ticket to watch Resident Evil: Vendetta.

It was a nice and peaceful day. I enjoyed the time alone as much as I did looking at the pieces inside the museum. I will be back to look at the art better the next time.



im tired of being tired
i want it all to end
see if the other side is real
check what it’s like out there

forget all the worries
forget all the fears
forget everything i’ve ever known
forget who i ever was

i stopped wanting to be happy
stopped longing for things i know will never be
i started waiting for my time
waiting for that time

Written on a whim last night and posted on Facebook. I am tired.

Banners from A Few Months Ago

I went to One K Concert early in March of 2017. As how any K-Pop concert is, banners are always given out to a certain number of attendees (until all the stocks are out).

I was not able to put them on my One K post but I wanted to share the banners I was given that day. I also included the light stick they gave out inside the venue itself.




Oh, and the B.A.P PH staff I ordered my Who’s X shirt gave out a whistle, too. IMG_9343