A Dream

Okay, so today I dreamt about Jihoon. It went like this:

We became classmates we followed each other on twitter. I got close to this bunch of people whose accounts I saw first. They were nice to me. We slept at the same dorm and told me a lot about what happens within the school. And then a few days later, I got to be with Jihoon. I can’t remember all the details but he was supposed to make bread and salsa. I kept on giving him spices that I don’t understand and he kept laughing at me, saying that those were not the ones he asked for before he went to where we were cooking.

He asked who I was with when I bought them and told me that the first bunch of people I went with actually dislikes him. Poor Jihoon baby. One of the people there had her usernames changed to ‘die.woozi__mozzzi’. It’s not acceptable on twitter tho but okay. Lol. Jihoon’s username was woozi__mozzzi.

He kept telling me all these things that they’ve done to him and told me that he used to like them as well but found out that they won’t do anything good to him. Since he knew those guys since elementary, he asked about my elementary classmates as well. I told him we weren’t close either. We just talk to each other whenever we needed.

We sat on a wide chair in the kitchen while waiting for the salsa to cook. I lied down to sleep. Before I went to sleep, we held hands. You know, like boyfriend girlfriend holding hands. I DO NOT KNOW HOW WE GOT THERE BUT WE REALLY DID. I CANT EVEN.

And then I went to sleep but I had a scary dream. There was a sound coming from the doorway. Being the brave loser I am, I followed it. And then I found someone I probably knew but didn’t remember because we hugged. And then he/she stabbed me at the back. I love my dream.

**Jihoon is one of my favorite idols

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Hamburgers Of Two Kids

I remember back when I was younger, I was absolutely close with my cousin Cherry. We were the first two grand kids and we always had each other. We would do everything together. We became classmates as well. I consider her my best bud to be honest.

One of the things we used to do and probably the best invention we have ever made was what we used to call ‘hamburgers’. We would buy a bunch of choko-choko, sticks of chocolate, and a few packets of eggnog. We will put choko-choko on the flat side of the eggnog and we’ll put another eggnog on top. We would do it repeatedly until we run out of eggnog. If we have more choko-choko, we would put them on top of the burgers for more chocolaty goodness.

Well, they weren’t actual burgers but they did look like they were. They didn’t have ham or burger patties. Lol. They are more than satisfying. They are bite-sized goodness that I am sure other people would enjoy as well. If you happen to go to the Philippines, you should try them!

These are what they look like:IMG_20150301_194237 IMG_20150301_153426 IMG_20150301_153422

It’s a bit messy to do them though! Since the eggnog are small, the chocolate sometimes get to your hands while you try to put them.

Best of Best in Manila

Last April 12th, Best of Best in Manila was held in the Philippine Arena. It was a joint concert. The artist who were to perform were Red Velvet, BTOB, Girls’ Generation, and Super Junior.

To be honest, I never planned on going. I wanted to see Girls’ Generation during their solo concert so I didn’t really want to go to a joint concert. But my aunt said it was a once in a lifetime experience so we attended. She bought my ticket! *happy emoticon*

D-day! We had our customized shirts printed, our tickets ready and light sticks on (and then off because we have to save battery). We left the house in the afternoon, which was a bit disappointing because I wanted to be there earlier. I like going early because there are a lot of things that happen while outside the venue.

We were to go to her friend who was going to attend as well, just to accompany us. (Wow!) We met around 2PM. We stopped by for a while to get something to eat so we wouldn’t have trouble at the venue.


We ate at Army Navy. I had Hungarian Sausage and it was delicious!

After an hour, we got to the Philippine Arena (FINALLY!!). I became really excited. I couldn’t stop smiling and everyone I was with saw that. Well, I was going to see my idols after so long, how could I not get excited?


IMG_20150412_161806 Excitedly took pictures when we could finally see the Arena

When we arrived, we looked around for merchandise, but sadly, we didn’t get to buy any. Most of the merch have already been sold out. This is why I dislike going to events in the afternoon. We met up with my kuya and went around more.

Around 5 PM, we started to get in line because it was getting too long.

We came inside the venue quite late. Everything was a mess. They wouldn’t let us in even though they’ve already gotten our tickets.

It was disappointing but we finally got to go inside after Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake started. I remember tearing up both because of disappointment and excitement for Red Velvet.

I honestly did not take note of the songs each group performed.I could not stop smiling and crying. It was my first time to see Red Velvet and Girls’ Generation, second time for some of the Super Junior members and for BTOB as a whole.

My favorite parts of the concerts were when Red Velvet sang Ice Cream Cake, Somethin’ Kinda Crazy and Happiness. I loved Happiness and it was really cool that I got to see them perform it. Yeri was alone in the middle in the first part TT TT Somethin’ Kinda Crazy became my favorite song afterwards. Wendy speaking in English was awesome, too! I couldn’t stop staring at Seulgi.

The second to perform was my babies: BTOB. When they came on, I cried. It was my first time to see BTOB as an actual fan, I wasn’t that into them the first time I saw them. The feeling was very different. I loved every second of their performances. I cried during Beep Beep performance because I wanted to see it so bad. I got crazy over hearing 2nd Confession live again. It never loses its brilliance. I love that song.

The third was my ultimate babies biases: Girls’ Generation, SNSD, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Shoujo Jidai! I cried a whole lot. Finally, after 6 years, I got to see them. Sunny, my favorite, teasingly said that they were gonna perform Catch Me If You Can, which was released just a few days before. But they were wearing dresses so they couldn’t possibly. I loved how Sunny had a lot of time talking. My most awaited part was Tiffany’s “Philippines, put it back on!” I cannot remember how many times I cried during that time.

Super Junior was last to perform. My favorite part was their introductions. I love Super Junior lol. My favorite performance was Kyuhyun’s At Gwanghamun. #best

For the last time, Leeteuk stayed on the stage. He ran to the three parts of the stage and bowed. TT TT

We left the building when most of the people have already left. Smiles were all over the place.

We arrived home a little past midnight. It was one of the best days of my life yet.

IMG_20150412_194135  IMG_20150412_194204 IMG_20150412_194209 IMG_20150412_194211 IMG_20150412_200716 IMG_20150412_202631 IMG_20150412_202632 IMG_20150412_202636 IMG_20150412_202721

IMG_20150412_222119 IMG_20150412_222121

IMG_20150412_220244 IMG_20150412_220301 IMG_20150412_220307

Something I Am Proud Of

Have you ever had a time when you did something you didn’t plan to but became one of the most special things in your life? I have.

I have been interested in drawing for so long. I remember back in high school I used to buy a lot of pencils and draw a lot every time I get the chance. I wasn’t good though. I can only draw eyes and monsters who do not have a lot of lines. I loved drawing, but it never loved me.

But one time during my second year in college, as I was waiting for my Physics class, I started drawing on my phone. I had SketchBook Express installed on it. I started drawing lines and whatnot.

A few minutes before class, I got to finish the drawing. It became a drawing of half of a girl in a blue dress with brown hair. I absolutely proud of it. I saw the beauty in what I got to draw. It is what I am proud of.

An Introduction

As a new member of the website, it is only appropriate that I tell some things about myself.

Hello! I am Bessie, a nineteen year old from the Philippines. I am currently taking up Computer Engineering.

I am interested in writing, especially essays and poems. I opened up this blog to improve my writing. I have taken a liking to K-Pop, dinosaurs, giraffes, the outer space, and unusual things.

My username nshnkn comes from the consonants of my favorite singer’s name: Nishino Kana. I have taken a liking to the username and have been using it for the past months. I might change into something better suited for a personal blog when I get to think of one.