Something I Am Proud Of

Have you ever had a time when you did something you didn’t plan to but became one of the most special things in your life? I have.

I have been interested in drawing for so long. I remember back in high school I used to buy a lot of pencils and draw a lot every time I get the chance. I wasn’t good though. I can only draw eyes and monsters who do not have a lot of lines. I loved drawing, but it never loved me.

But one time during my second year in college, as I was waiting for my Physics class, I started drawing on my phone. I had SketchBook Express installed on it. I started drawing lines and whatnot.

A few minutes before class, I got to finish the drawing. It became a drawing of half of a girl in a blue dress with brown hair. I absolutely proud of it. I saw the beauty in what I got to draw. It is what I am proud of.


5 thoughts on “Something I Am Proud Of

  1. So you started drawing on your phone within the past 5 years or so?:P

    I guess that’s the new age of learning how to create…on a tiny, bright, overheating screen. Not like the old days of pencil and paper…

    I can’t say I have too many digital pieces I love so much. There are a few that are thought-provoking (to me). But, I put more heart into pencil and pen works. I too tend to use few details/lines/shading and struggle sometimes getting the images right. But, like you, drawing is a sort of fire in me.


    • Oops, sorry, I forgot to write that down. I started drawing using pencils, pens and papers. Lol. I think it is harder to draw on phone. I tried using my phone just this year. I still prefer the traditional way, though. I hope I can learn more about it in the future! Do you post your works online? I’d love to see them 😀


      • I would probably throw my phone before I mastered drawing on it. I even have challenges using a mouse and PC screen. It kinda messes with the human brain, converting movements you do with your hand from school lessons in writing to digital swipes and clicks.

        I have my most primitive digital art on my blog, here. The fanciest piece I presently have posted is a masterwork of digital editing I did for my About Me page. That was quite the assembly project for me, creating a 3D desk, wall decor and window view. Lots of highlighting depth areas and transparency layering, airbrushing, etc. without Photoshop. Maybe some day I will add more complex works of mine.


        • I’d probably do the same. It’s hard to draw on phone especially if there’s no stylus. And there are a lot of limits to it. Haha, with mouse and screen, nah, I’ll never be able to draw anything with those. We are more free with pencils and paper XD
          I’ll try to look for them. Thank you! I’ll look for them. Which programs do you use for digital editing? :O I hope to get to see more of your works! I might not be able to do that much as I’m busy with college nowadays. But I’ll definitely update here!


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