Hamburgers Of Two Kids

I remember back when I was younger, I was absolutely close with my cousin Cherry. We were the first two grand kids and we always had each other. We would do everything together. We became classmates as well. I consider her my best bud to be honest.

One of the things we used to do and probably the best invention we have ever made was what we used to call ‘hamburgers’. We would buy a bunch of choko-choko, sticks of chocolate, and a few packets of eggnog. We will put choko-choko on the flat side of the eggnog and we’ll put another eggnog on top. We would do it repeatedly until we run out of eggnog. If we have more choko-choko, we would put them on top of the burgers for more chocolaty goodness.

Well, they weren’t actual burgers but they did look like they were. They didn’t have ham or burger patties. Lol. They are more than satisfying. They are bite-sized goodness that I am sure other people would enjoy as well. If you happen to go to the Philippines, you should try them!

These are what they look like:IMG_20150301_194237 IMG_20150301_153426 IMG_20150301_153422

It’s a bit messy to do them though! Since the eggnog are small, the chocolate sometimes get to your hands while you try to put them.


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