A Dream

Okay, so today I dreamt about Jihoon. It went like this:

We became classmates we followed each other on twitter. I got close to this bunch of people whose accounts I saw first. They were nice to me. We slept at the same dorm and told me a lot about what happens within the school. And then a few days later, I got to be with Jihoon. I can’t remember all the details but he was supposed to make bread and salsa. I kept on giving him spices that I don’t understand and he kept laughing at me, saying that those were not the ones he asked for before he went to where we were cooking.

He asked who I was with when I bought them and told me that the first bunch of people I went with actually dislikes him. Poor Jihoon baby. One of the people there had her usernames changed to ‘die.woozi__mozzzi’. It’s not acceptable on twitter tho but okay. Lol. Jihoon’s username was woozi__mozzzi.

He kept telling me all these things that they’ve done to him and told me that he used to like them as well but found out that they won’t do anything good to him. Since he knew those guys since elementary, he asked about my elementary classmates as well. I told him we weren’t close either. We just talk to each other whenever we needed.

We sat on a wide chair in the kitchen while waiting for the salsa to cook. I lied down to sleep. Before I went to sleep, we held hands. You know, like boyfriend girlfriend holding hands. I DO NOT KNOW HOW WE GOT THERE BUT WE REALLY DID. I CANT EVEN.

And then I went to sleep but I had a scary dream. There was a sound coming from the doorway. Being the brave loser I am, I followed it. And then I found someone I probably knew but didn’t remember because we hugged. And then he/she stabbed me at the back. I love my dream.

**Jihoon is one of my favorite idols

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