Chanyeol, a Guy and a Robot

I dreamt about Chanyeol today. He rejected me again. I asked for a selfie, he said no. I feel so sad.

I was in an event and Chanyeol and another EXO member I cannot remember was there. I was one of the few who got to have the chance to take a picture with him. But we didn’t actually get to. The schedule kept on changing. We went back to the meeting room and EXO members performed. Mainly Exo M members. We never got the chance to take picture with Chanyeol. Only got to take pictures of EXO.

I also met Baekhyun and started teasing him by poking him then hiding. He was super cute and we kept playing with each other. His laugh was so cute. I also got to hold his hands. They were really soft.

Then my sister caught me daydreaming.

After that, I became friends with this guy and a robot. The robot looked real though. Apparently, they were being chased because bad guys wanted the robot. We ran around and got chased too. It was hard but the guy only had the robot as family. He wasn’t going to let them take her.

We came to a hospital to try to get away but that’s where the robot got caught. It was hard running around but we still got caught. The guys had the robot.

We went back the day after the event. We had plans on taking her back. We went around the hospital. We were almost caught but I found her. We ran again and tried to hide for a while in a small closed room but we were found a few moments later. It was sad that she was taken away again. They’re probably going to put her in a more secured room.

We were having bad time. We went down from the elevator as instructed. We were given pizza because of something. We ended up eating them. I kept saying sorry I couldn’t help as much.

It ended there.

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