BTOBPH2G, my most awaited event in 2015, to be honest. I enjoyed BTOBPH1G a lot and promised to go to every BTOB Philippines gathering.
I ordered the ticket early and had ticket number 0016. Hehe~

I was really excited for the event but the day before it, I caught a fever. I was having second thoughts about continuing to the event. I actuallu just wanted to stay home since it was really hard for me to even stand up. In the end, I ended up with the decision of going since this is gonna be once in a lifetime…and I had to accompany someone.
It was really hard to get up that day but I had to. I still had fever. I get easily dizzy when I move but I still managed to go uwu

Well, we got there really REALLY early and they were still setting things up. After a while, we got to choose the seats we wanted and ended up staying in the first row. The first row is always the best row.
To be honest, it was awfully hard to enjoy the gathering as I really was not feeling well but nevertheless, I got to smile and have fun at some parts of the event. I especially liked that one with the Melodudes. That game part of the event was really funny.

In the middle of the event, we celebrated ate Cami’s birthday.

A few hours before the end of the event, we got to meet two other Melodies. They were graduating students and it was definitely nice to get to talk to them about college. I was having a hard time those few days.

What I love about this gathering is that I get to find out more about BTOB and get to meet new fangirl friends. I am definitely looking forward to the third one!

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