Getting Tired?

I remember being told things like ‘one day you’ll get tired of liking K-Pop’ back when I was just starting. I remember being told that I shouldn’t spend so much time for these people as one day I’ll forget about them. At that time, I was too into it that I never really saw the reality of their words. I was into them that I didn’t think that I would get tired. That time, it was priority, it was necessary to get updated.

These days, I haven’t given that much time for K-Pop. I somehow manage to listen to it whenever I can but I do not give all my free time for it. There are times when I’m too tired to watch their shows and listen to all the music in their albums. I have been choosing to do something else than look for updates of what my favorite idols have been getting into, what they have been doing the past days. I wasn’t into it as much as I was a few years ago.

Whenever I feel this way and think about what people have told me then, have I really gotten tired of K-Pop? I wonder if, one day, I’d just drop everything off and take interest in something else. Am I not as ecstatic about as before because I am slowly getting tired of it? Or is it only because I couldn’t get enough time and energy to think and fan about it? I wonder…

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