A Dream About Riding a Plane

I dreamt about going to Davao. I was really excited when we boarded the plane. It took quite some time for us to fly because of the passengers. My aunt couldn’t make it so it was just my mom and I.

After we got to fly, it felt like something was wrong with the plane. I heard my aunt call out to me to show me something and I got down the plane. I don’t know how.

We couldn’t board the plane anymore as it was far away now. So we just explore the university we went down to.

I heard people scream asking why the plane hasn’t gone high yet and then we heard that the pilot never planned on taking the passengers to Davao. The plane suddenly blew up. We were having second thoughts about going to the crime scene as it was in the ocean and none of us could swim.

I got home but I remembered my mom was on the plane and got back there. I saw trails of water and followed it, hoping it was my mom. And it was. But we couldn’t save the other passengers. I tried to look for them but there was no one else in sight.

It was a really scary dream. Makes me think twice about riding a plane.

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