Do People Cry When They See Acts of Kindness, Too?

It has always been a mystery as to why I easily get moved by seeing people do acts if kindness. It doesn’t matter if it’s just passing something from here to there or something big as putting everything aside to help someone, I always feel weak and tear up over these things. It does not matter if it’s fictional or real, when I get to see someone help a person or a group of people, I will always tear up. It’s already been a part of me.

Is it because I don’t always see these acts? Is it because I might have never had people help me that way? Is it because I love how some can also be sensitive to other people’s feelings? Is it because of the hope I still hold that this planet is much more than just war and crime? That people aren’t only into fighting and taking advantage of others?

When I whisper silent ‘thank yous’ to these people who do nice things to others, I wonder if others do, too?


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