Selling Collections for Travelling?

It has been almost a year when I started thinking about travelling to South Korea which I plan on doing so this year. Since then, I have planned on going to different places rather than spending most of my allowance for my growing collection of K-Pop albums and anime merchandise. I’ve actually lost interest in collecting as well and have been thinking of selling most of it. I wonder if I really should sell my collection for travelling…?


11 thoughts on “Selling Collections for Travelling?

          • South Korea sounds great, I’ve only been there on a stopover at incheon but I couldn’t leave the airport..I’ve been to New Zealand many many times and I definitely recommend going there it’s a beauty! I’ll also go to Singapore in april for a few days, haven’t been there yet but what I’ve read sounds great hehe


          • Do you plan on visiting Korea in the future, though? 😀 I saw videos of some places in New Zealand and it does look great! I’ll add it to the list of places I want to visit. Thank you! I plan on going to Singapore after graduation. Will be looking forward to your posts about Singapore! 😀

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          • Hello! Hehe~ I don’t think I can come to South Korea this year. My aunt decided to reschedule and go to Japan instead (which is a bit irritating since I’ve been planning everything since the first half of last year lol) It’s really gotten me down. Though I’ve sold some of my collection already ✌ Wish I could travel alone, though.


          • Hey! You’re not old enough to travel alone yet? I know it sucks when you planned for something but wouldn’t Japan be cool to visit too? I wouldn’t mind going there 😀 at least you’ll still be travelling! And you could just save the money you already got for your own Korea trip right


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