My 2015 in Bullets

A late post about the good and the bad in 2015. 

  • 1st Anniversary of Lightfam
  • 1st Anniversary of Teamwaffles
  • Applied to a volunteer work with a cosplay organization
  • Acted again for a class film
  • Beaglesfam creation
  • Cried in front of Melody unni
  • Decided to cosplay
  • Decided to never walk through 5th building 3rd floor
  • Failed twice on Integral Calculus
  • Failed Statistics
  • First Cosplay Event I got to volunteer
  • First time to cry in public since 4th Grade
  • Finally opened up to people
  • Got interested in travelling
  • Got to get closer with Kels
  • Got heart broken by WaT’s announcement about disbandment
  • Got to meet Brenda aka the person I don’t even care if rude to me
  • Got to meet Nera but I slightly feel bad because of her words
  • Got closer with my family
  • Had a sleep over with Justine, Kelly, and Jude
  • Hurt when my mom didn’t care about my mental health
  • Heard Shaa unni’s voice for the first time.
  • Had my first encounter with rude BTS fans.
  • Had a crush on a classmate
  • Kyuhyun’s voice healed me
  • Lost interest in collecting
  • Met Joan and became my B612 buddy this year!
  • Met and got close to a bunch of volunteer workmates!
  • Passed another terror professor
  • Planned to go to South Korea
  • Several suicidal thoughts
  • Sent several letters to Malaysia and Brazil
  • Started watching Detective Conan (currently on 186!)
  • Started to use a planner
  • Started to enjoy life
  • Saw the beauty of life 🙂
  • Went on twitter again
  • Went to Best of Best in Manila
  • Went to BTOBPH2G
  • Went to EXOPH4G

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