The First Basketball Game I Followed

I have never been into any sports. In fact, in elementary, I would sit on the stage’s stairs and wait for P.E class to finish. I did that every single time, and when the teacher asked me if I wanted to play, I would say no. Sadly, though I was not participating, the balls kept coming to me and that’s when it hit me: I hate basketball and volleyball. I can take table tennis, or badminton, but not those sports with balls bigger than my palms.

High school was the same, I had to hold shoot balls onto the rings and forcefully had to play volleyball (my servings were the worst).

In college, I had to play basketball, too, I stayed as far away from the ball as possible. I was good at getting the ball from the opponent’s side but I immediately passed it to my teammates who seemed to enjoy the sport. I, again, started to dislike the sport when my pinkie broke while playing.

December last year, I was asked by a fellow classmate, whom I was always with, to watch the Basketball game between my department team (Computer Engineering) vs a team from another department. It was exciting. Scary, but very exciting. Thankfully, our department team won! Their second game, sadly, I was not able to watch.

The next one I got to hear about was the finals. They were against the College of Business Education team. The first game was sadly, a defeat, but the second game, they got to win! It meant a third and final game to see who are the champions.

The third game was intense. I was shaking throughout the game. One reason is because I was nervous, and the other because my department team’s side of the bleachers had balloons (I have globophobia). At first, my department team’s side got a lot more points than the opposing team. On the second and third quarters, however, the opposing side got a few more points than our team’s.

The last quarter? It was very scary, nerve-wracking. I was praying for the team throughout the fourth quarter. I was tearing up when, at the last minute, the opponents was one point higher than our team. Gratefully, a foul was called out at the last 3 seconds. The team won because of those free throws. I became speechless. I was crying. I was happy. We won!!

It was a nice moment. It became a memorable part of my life. I am glad that I took the time to watch a basketball game for the first time in my whole life.


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