About Writing

A bunch of words put together
My feelings I finally let out
I think paragraphs have become somewhat unrelated

Writing has always been a sort of therapy for me. Sad, mad, happy, stressed, I always write things down to help me. It is more enjoyable to stay at home and write or type about anything I can think about.

I have always had a world of my own. I liked being alone and I liked making stories up. I loved going to the world I have created and live in peace and quiet inside it. I love being able to imagine things which are unlikely to happen, but would still be lovely to experience. I loved reading myths and fairy tales.

It has always been a dream of mine to be able to write a story and have it published one day; a book which I can put near my door, on the living room, and on the shelf inside my room in my future house, a book I can be proud of. I even remember my mom telling me to write and she’ll make sure it would get published. (You’re awesome, mom!) But as years pass, I started to forget about the dream, and only wish to carry on and graduate with the program I have chosen.

Back when I still wanted to write a story of fiction, I did try to. There were several drafts on my old computer of stories I cannot remember anymore. I never tried to publish them online, I never had the confidence to.

Nowadays, finally having the time to look back, I remembered all these dreams I wanted so much to fulfill.

I have given up on writing and having it published into a book, but I haven’t completely given up on my love for writing. Still, I want to be able to write articles and reports or maybe short blogs of whatever I can write about.

I want to write so no matter what I will write.


Signed BTOB Complete Album

Four words — IT WAS ON SALE!

Last February 18th, as I was going through sites looking for an album I could buy so I could test out my card and try Paypal, I saw that MWAVE had BTOB’s Complete Album on sale, and I just had to add it to the cart and click the checkout button!

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Review will be on another post.
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20 K-Pop Questions

Doing this again because I like comparing how I was and how I am now. Original post from my old blog. Questions are not mine; credits goes to its rightful owners.


1. Your favorite group(s)? SNSD, SISTAR, BTOB, APRIL

2. Your bias? So Nyeo Shi Dae Sunny

3. Your favorite song(s)? Everything by SNSD and SISTAR are my jam. BTOB’s 2nd Confession is a must to listen to. 

4. Do you ship? So yeah, which pairing(s)? I ship ChanBaek and used to ship JeTi so hard till 930 happened.

5. Have you ever gone to a concert? Yes, twice. 

6. How long have you liked K-pop? Been a fan since 2009.

7. Favorite boyband? BTOB

8. Favorite girlgroup? SNSD, SISTAR, APRIL

9. SMtown or YG entertainment? SMTOWN, I like their songs better.

10. How many K-pop songs do you have on your ipod/playlist? 1000+ songs, I am not kidding.

11. Name 3 of your favorite songs sung by girlgroups. Currently, I’ve been into MAMAMOO’s You’re the Best, WJSN’s MoMoMo and my all time fave is Genie by SNSD.

12. Name 3 of your favorite songs sung by boybands. GOT7 Confession Song, BTOB 2nd Confession, Super Junior It’s You 

13. Are you taller or shorter than your bias? Shorter

14. What’s your favorite lyric? Mark’s ‘어때?’

15. Have you made fanart / written a fanfiction? Nope. I have made several short ‘imagines’ though.

16. How much kpop merchandise do you have? I have spent about 25000 to 30000 php (1400-1700 usd).

17. Do you have cons/meetings in your country, so yes, have you ever attended to one? I have attended four fan gatherings and three cover group cons. Two of EXO Fan gatherings, two of BTOBPH Fan gatherings, and three SMTown Cover Group Fest.

18. Eldest or maknae? Eldest

19. Whose birthday is close to yours? Seventeen’s Hoshi! He is only 2 days older than me! 

20. Do you watch k-drama? So yes, which one is your favorite? I only watched one: Sassy Go Go.

First Online Order

Well, not quite. I have been ordering on Facebook since 2012 and started to grow my collection money in the second half of 2013 using the same means but this is the first time I ordered from overseas.

I first learned about being able to buy from overseas a few years ago and I have been wanting to order since.

We first wanted to apply for a card from UnionBank but they rejected us. So, about six months ago, my aunt and I decided to apply for BPI’s E-prepaid card, and they happily let us.

I put money inside my card to test and try to connect it to my Paypal account. I had a few mishaps here and there but I thankfully got to do what I wanted.

I then happily searched for an album I could buy to try out the card + Paypal. I first wanted to buy any of APRIL’s three albums but I ended up clicking the checkout button for BTOB’s Complete Album.

Overall, it was very exciting to get to try ordering overseas for the first time and with only the web on my side. My wallet has been crying since, though.

Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2

This is a pretty detailed (with keyboard smashing) post about a fangirl’s first concert attendance. Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2 really was a dream come true. Read if you want.

Originally posted on blogspot || editing 

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Cover Group? (LOL)

I like dancing and I like K-Pop.

Today, I saw another post about someone looking for cover group members and, as I always feel whenever I see a post about it, I felt excited. I wanted to join.

I asked my sister’s classmates who were here and they said to try it. Even my parents told me that I should try to join a group!

The only downside is that I don’t know any of the members of the group.

But, there’s really nothing to lose, really. If I want to quit, I will quit.

So, should I try to join a cover group or just focus on studying?

I feel like this will be a really good experience! And, it might also help to boost my confidence.


As I was walking down the road to get home, I saw a security guard outside the mall (I need to get pass a mall to get to my house). He was alone, and I wasn’t sure if he was bored or so.

That is when I thought, why not greet everyone who is not busy and will most likely not going to be weirded out if I do? Would it be equivalent to when you smile at random people and end up brightening their day?

Maybe I’ll do it. Maybe I won’t. I’ll let you know.