First Online Order

Well, not quite. I have been ordering on Facebook since 2012 and started to grow my collection money in the second half of 2013 using the same means but this is the first time I ordered from overseas.

I first learned about being able to buy from overseas a few years ago and I have been wanting to order since.

We first wanted to apply for a card from UnionBank but they rejected us. So, about six months ago, my aunt and I decided to apply for BPI’s E-prepaid card, and they happily let us.

I put money inside my card to test and try to connect it to my Paypal account. I had a few mishaps here and there but I thankfully got to do what I wanted.

I then happily searched for an album I could buy to try out the card + Paypal. I first wanted to buy any of APRIL’s three albums but I ended up clicking the checkout button for BTOB’s Complete Album.

Overall, it was very exciting to get to try ordering overseas for the first time and with only the web on my side. My wallet has been crying since, though.


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