First Summer Break

It has been three years since I first went to college and since then, I haven’t had a summer break. I have been attending summer classes ever since. This year, though, I finally got to have a break!

It is my 4th week of vacation this week and I still have about 7 to 8 more weeks to enjoy.

I don’t have any big plans. I don’t like going outside. I just want to enjoy lying on the couch for the next few weeks before getting into the battlefield again aka college. I want to sleep all day or maybe watch tv all day. I want to do the chores I haven’t been able to do for the past few months. I want to be able to rest. And yes, I find all of it fun.




I’m currently in Antipolo, Rizal and it has been a pretty nice trip so far, excluding the lack of signal for internet.

My family and a few friends went swimming on a pool here.

We’ll be coming home this afternoon.

I just wanted to update this blog. Hehe~

How have you guys been?

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