An Open Letter to Kels

I’ve been wanting to publish one for a long time so here it is. lol

Dear Kels,

You are most likely tired of me saying my thanks, as I have been doing so, almost non-stop, since last year. But again, thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for your time and your words, for never giving up on me.

I’m getting better nowadays. I am able to say what I want to say, though I still feel anxious at certain times but I’m getting better. It wouldn’t be this way if it wasn’t for you.  But sadly, ever since that incident with a certain group’s fans, I have been a bit ruder as well o.O I’ll try to control though. lol

Sorry I haven’t been able to talk that much these past weeks, I’ve been busy watching all these shows on TV. I haven’t been able to tweet lately either. lol But talk to me if you ever want to, I’m always online ❤

Happy Happy Birthday Kels! I love you very much. Take care always. The best of luck to everything you want to do. I hope you enjoyed your day and I wish I was there to eat cake [if there wasn’t, I won’t go. lol just kidding]

Wish I could give you a birthday hug but maybe next time. Let’s make sure we meet each other in the future and hang out in Rio de Janeiro and make lots of memories! That would be very fun ❤



Today’s election day for the National government and it’s my first time to vote lol My president didn’t win. What a bummer. But Happy Birthday!!!!


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