A Morning At the Hospital

When I wrote this, I didn’t know it would be the start of an awful day.

On May 20, after I ate, a few minutes past midnight, my upper abdomen started hurting. I thought it would be like any other day when the pain would go away after a few minutes — I was wrong.

Around 3AM, I woke up from the pain I have had since midnight. It hurt so bad. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I’d doze off after a few minutes, but I would be woken up by the same pain. I couldn’t sleep.

It continued on until past 7:30AM. I woke my mom up. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to go to hospital.

And we did. I vomited before going. The pain decreased but it still was there. I was out of energy. I have not eaten. I did not want to.

I was asked a few questions before being told to lie down. A few minutes after, a nurse went to me and told me that I was going to be given medicine which has to be injected.

I had an injection at the back of my hand for four hours. I slept most of the hour. I did not want to eat but I did a little.

It was awful. I was praying that it wasn’t appendicitis. I couldn’t even handle an injection, what more a surgery?

Until now, my upper abdomen hurts a little a few times per day. We still need to go to a specialist this week. I wish this would go away soon.


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