WaT Wishlist

As these albums are no longer available on some, if not all, websites, I am willing to buy second hand copies. Those with check marks are the ones I already have. Do message me at jhoygalimba@gmail.com or comment here if you have anything you want to offer. Thank you!


  • [Single Album] Sotsugyō Time


  • [Single Album] Boku no Kimochi


  • [Single Album] 5CM
  • [Single Album] Hava Rava
  • [Single Album] Ready Go!
  • [Single Album] Bokura no Love Story
  • [Studio Album] Sotsugyō Time: Bokura no Hajimari
  • [Video Album] WaT Entertainment Show 2006 Act “do” Live Vol.4
  • [Video Album] My Favorite Girl-the movie-


  • [Studio Album] WaT Collection
  • [Solo Album/Single Album] Wentz Eiji – Awaking Emotion 8/5
  • [Solo Album/Single Album] Koike Teppei – Kimi ni Okuru Uta
  • [Solo Album/Single Album] Koike Teppei – my brand new way
  • [Solo Album/Studio Album] pieces


  • [Single Album] Yume no Tochū
  • [Single Album] Toki o Koete: Fantastic World
  • [Single Album] 36 do
  • [Video Album] WaT Live Tour 2008
  • [Video Album] WaT Music Video Collection


  • [Solo Album/Single Album] Koike Teppei – Kimi Dake
  • [Solo Album/Studio Album] Jack in the Box


  • [Single Album] Kimi ga boku ni kiss o shita
  • [Single Album] 24/7~ Mou Ichido


  • [Studio Album] Sotsugyou BEST

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