English and How To Improve It

This was a speech I wrote for a contest back when I was in high school. Posted a blog about my experience. Here goes nothing:

We all that English is a language used by many countries around the globe. Our country, the Philippines, is one of those. We consider it as our second language and therefore, as Filipino citizens, we should be able to know and use English well. So how do we improve it? How can we be able to use English well?

One way of improving English is by giving importance to it and finding time to study it. That is the reason why we have it as one of the major subjects in school. But just because we only have almost an hour in studying English doesn’t mean that’s the only time we should study it. Studying doesn’t end in school and knowledge does not stop after graduation.

Another way is by using the language itself in communicating with other people. We do learn by experience. We could learn a lot just by speaking to other people or maybe in the internet.  We could chat with people around the globe.

By taking down notes about English, we could also learn the language. We could reread it when we get confused or puzzled. And also when we hear or read a word or a phrase we do not know, we should note it so that we could gain knowledge, more knowledge about English.

There are probably a lot more ways on how to gain more knowledge about English, on how we can improve it. We all should know how important it is to us, and be able to understand what it means to communicate to everyone in the world.


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