A Bad Day

Haven’t had time to publish posts but I’ll share how my day went today.

First off, I woke up late today and arrived at class late. I failed the quiz, too.

The 3 hours after that was okay. I was with a few classmates and had time to talk to them which was fun.

The worst part of the day came afterwards. During Strength class, a few minutes before the time, the professor asked me to answer something on the board. I have a really big problem with being called and coming in front so I became very tense. I couldn’t answer his question. I didn’t know what the answer was. He started shouting at me and my nervousness worsened. I knew I wasn’t the brightest. At that time, I just wanted to go in front of a running car and die then and there. I wouldn’t have minded, really.

I went back to my seat and he made me go back to the board. He shouted at me again and again. I started to feel really bad about myself. My classmates were, thankfully, shouting what to do.

Before the class was dismissed, I remember crying. I couldn’t stop the tears. I was nervous, scared, and felt so little.

I know I should be, but I really can’t take it when people yell at me. My parents never did. I am not used to it and I usually cry when people shout, even when it’s not directed at me. Yelling at me is ten times worse, though.

I spent about 5 minutes inside the restroom crying and laughing at how pathetic I looked like, why I was crying at something people think is too small to worry about.

The next class was okay. I still spent about 10 minutes tearing up while the professor was discussing about Delta to Wye and Wye to Delta. I figured out what to do when we had a seat work, thankfully.

The ride home was okay. I wasn’t sleepy but I did tear up again every few minutes.

Today was really hard. This week has been hard. At some points, I was tempted to cut myself, tempted to go in front of a running truck to stop all the pain. I want everything to stop.


A Lot to Catch Up On

I have a LOT to catch up on. 15 incomplete and unpublished posts on my drafts. A few more I’ll write when I can aka when I have to study so I don’t study.

  • MWave Review
  • KPopMart Review
  • Birthday Post
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  • A Message to My Twitter Friends
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I’m screwed.

APRIL Spring Album

I promised myself I’d buy APRIL’s album as a prize for passing all of my courses for the semester and for successfully stopping myself from buying other groups’ albums, so I did. I pre-ordered the album on Kpopmart.

APRIL is my third bias female group. (I love my fairy babies with all my heart.) They’re a bunch of funny, little cutie pies. They’re talented and pretty, too.

Click Read More for the album inclusions.

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Where’s the Title?

Wow, I am too tired to actually make a long post these days.

School started last Monday and I feel like I’m going to break these days.

We had a quiz in Advanced Engineering Mathematics and I hope I did well.

I turned 20 last Friday, as well. My sister and her friend gave me a giraffe stuffed toy. They also bought me a cake. Jinky, a friend, gave me sweets. I was greeted by a few people. I got to talk to a few people I haven’t talked to in a while. It was fun. I’ll make sure to love every moment, to enjoy the longer life I was given.

Today was the third session for the Korean language class I enrolled to. We have eight more sessions.

I had fun today and I still have cake!

I will really post about everything tomorrow ><

Take care everyone~~

Another Year

It’s really funny how right now, I am slightly tearing up because I won’t be a teenager after I hit 20. There’s no going back.

My life as a 19 year old, I have no regrets. I loved how it was. I will love how it was. My last time as a teenager, I will always be thankful. I got to experience a few firsts. I finally got to appreciate company. I cried, I laughed, I had problems. Still, everything seems nice to me now. It was fun.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me with my journey. I have always said that 2015 was my worst year so far. I’m thankful that these people never gave up on me.

I want to thank the people who read my blogs, although they are most of the time personal and somehow uninteresting. Thank you for following me and reading my posts, it all means so much for me!

I want to thank God who never stops believing in me and stays by my side always; who always guides me in my way. He never disappoints.

I want to tell myself that I appreciate, well, me, for everything that I’ve done for myself. I have always lacked confidence and courage to face a lot of things, but still, I am here, writing. Thank you for never giving up, Bessie.

I’ll always be thankful for all the experiences I have had this past year. And I will try to stay positive for the next stages in my life. I will do my best for a great future. I will work. I will travel. I will write. I will do my best.

Happy birthday to me!! ❤

a/n I was crying half of the time I was writing this. I don’t plan on editing this in the future. I want to treasure everything.

a/n 6 minutes till my birthday 🙂

Girls’ Generation Wishlist

As some of these albums/photo books are no longer available on some, if not all, websites, I am willing to buy second hand copies. Those with check marks are the ones I already have. Do message me at jhoygalimba@gmail.com or comment here if you have anything you want to offer. I can only pay internationally via Paypal. Thank you!


  • [Studio Album] Girls’ Generation


  • [Repackage Album] Baby Baby


  • [Extended Play] Gee
  • [Extended Play] Genie


  • [Studio Album] Oh!
  • [Repackage Album] Run Devil Run
  • [Live Album] Into the New World
  • [Extended Play] Hoot
  • [Single Album] Genie (JP)
  • [Single Album] Gee (JP)
  • [Single Album] Hoot (JP)
  • [Video Album] Girls in Tokyo (JP)
  • [Video Album] New Beginning of Girls’ Generation (JP)


  • [Studio Album] Girls’ Generation (JP)
  • [Studio Album] The Boys
  • [Studio Album] The Boys (US)
  • [Promotional Album] Visual Dreams
  • [Repackage Album] Mr Taxi
  • [Video Album] All About Girls’ Generation: Paradise in Phuket
  • [Video Album] The 1st Asia Tour: Into the New World
  • [Video Album] First Japan Tour


  • [Studio Album] Girls & Peace (JP)
  • [Studio Album] Love & Peace (JP)
  • [Single Album] Paparazzi (JP)
  • [Single Album] Flower Power (JP)
  • [Sub-Unit Album/ Extended Play] Twinkle
  • [Video Album] The Complete Girls’ Generation Video Collection
  • [Video Album] 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour


  • [Studio Album] I Got A Boy
  • [Single Album] Galaxy Supernova
  • [Live Album] 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour
  • [Compilation Album] Best Selection Non-stop Mix (JP)
  • [Video Album] Girls & Peace: 2nd Japan Tour (JP)


  • [Extended Play] Mr. Mr.
  • [Compilation Album] The Best
  • [Video Album] Girls’ Generation in Las Vegas
  • [Video Album] Love & Peace: 3rd Japan Tour (JP)
  • [Sub-Unit Album/ Extended Play] Holler


  • [Single Album] Party
  • [Single Album] Catch Me If You Can (JP)
  • [Studio Album] Lion Heart
  • [Sub-Unit Album/ Extended Play] Dear Santa
  • [Solo Album/Extended Play] Taeyeon – I
  • [Repackage Album] You Think
  • [Video Album] Girls’ Generation – World Tour: Girls & Peace in Seoul


  • [Solo Album/Extended Play] Tiffany – I JUST WANNA DANCE
  • [Solo Album/Extended Play] Jessica- With Love, J
  • [Video Album] Girls’ Generation – Phantasia in Japan (JP)