Girls’ Generation Wishlist

As some of these albums/photo books are no longer available on some, if not all, websites, I am willing to buy second hand copies. Those with check marks are the ones I already have. Do message me at or comment here if you have anything you want to offer. I can only pay internationally via Paypal. Thank you!


  • [Studio Album] Girls’ Generation


  • [Repackage Album] Baby Baby


  • [Extended Play] Gee
  • [Extended Play] Genie


  • [Studio Album] Oh!
  • [Repackage Album] Run Devil Run
  • [Live Album] Into the New World
  • [Extended Play] Hoot
  • [Single Album] Genie (JP)
  • [Single Album] Gee (JP)
  • [Single Album] Hoot (JP)
  • [Video Album] Girls in Tokyo (JP)
  • [Video Album] New Beginning of Girls’ Generation (JP)


  • [Studio Album] Girls’ Generation (JP)
  • [Studio Album] The Boys
  • [Studio Album] The Boys (US)
  • [Promotional Album] Visual Dreams
  • [Repackage Album] Mr Taxi
  • [Video Album] All About Girls’ Generation: Paradise in Phuket
  • [Video Album] The 1st Asia Tour: Into the New World
  • [Video Album] First Japan Tour


  • [Studio Album] Girls & Peace (JP)
  • [Studio Album] Love & Peace (JP)
  • [Single Album] Paparazzi (JP)
  • [Single Album] Flower Power (JP)
  • [Sub-Unit Album/ Extended Play] Twinkle
  • [Video Album] The Complete Girls’ Generation Video Collection
  • [Video Album] 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour


  • [Studio Album] I Got A Boy
  • [Single Album] Galaxy Supernova
  • [Live Album] 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour
  • [Compilation Album] Best Selection Non-stop Mix (JP)
  • [Video Album] Girls & Peace: 2nd Japan Tour (JP)


  • [Extended Play] Mr. Mr.
  • [Compilation Album] The Best
  • [Video Album] Girls’ Generation in Las Vegas
  • [Video Album] Love & Peace: 3rd Japan Tour (JP)
  • [Sub-Unit Album/ Extended Play] Holler


  • [Single Album] Party
  • [Single Album] Catch Me If You Can (JP)
  • [Studio Album] Lion Heart
  • [Sub-Unit Album/ Extended Play] Dear Santa
  • [Solo Album/Extended Play] Taeyeon – I
  • [Repackage Album] You Think
  • [Video Album] Girls’ Generation – World Tour: Girls & Peace in Seoul


  • [Solo Album/Extended Play] Tiffany – I JUST WANNA DANCE
  • [Solo Album/Extended Play] Jessica- With Love, J
  • [Video Album] Girls’ Generation – Phantasia in Japan (JP)

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