A Lot to Catch Up On

I have a LOT to catch up on. 15 incomplete and unpublished posts on my drafts. A few more I’ll write when I can aka when I have to study so I don’t study.

  • MWave Review
  • KPopMart Review
  • Birthday Post
  • BTOB – Complete Album Review
  • APRIL- Spring Album Review
  • 20 Facts About Me
  • A Monday in May
  • Seventeen PH Gathering
  • Nishino Kana’s 6th Album
  • A Message to My Twitter Friends
  • A Thank You Message to Everyone Who Helped Me
  • Back To School
  • Singapore/Malaysia 2016 Plans
  • South Korea 2017 Plans
  • Finally It?
  • Korean Language Class
  • Watching Conan

I’m screwed.


2 thoughts on “A Lot to Catch Up On

  1. What about…posting 20 Facts About Me?! I know you have 20 or change it to a smaller number. We, your readers would love to know how interesting you are. And believe me, you are interesting! Be unique, since you are anyway. No one does you like you. Tell us more! That will be one down, and you’ll have accomplished something you know you can today. Just a mention!


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