A Grid


I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything this July! I have been very busy and to be honest, I feel like the day just passes by with a snap of a finger.

A few months ago, I told myself I would stop collecting Korean albums, but a few days ago, I felt like collecting again. I did stop for about a year, but I realized that collecting is just a part of me. I have been collecting things since elementary. It gives a different feeling, almost as fulfilling as buying food for myself (lol). I will try not to buy spontaneously and think about what I really want and what I really need as I also still have travel plans until 2019.

Also, this will be a sad part, but an aunt passed away a week ago. I had been going to the wake since Tuesday but I couldn’t go today and yesterday as I still have exams the following week. It’s really sad because she still has five children who are still very young. Please pray for her soul. Her body will be buried tomorrow morning.

I’ve also been feeling like a zombie. I haven’t had any ‘good’ sleep and exams are just two days away. Pray for me.

Korean language class is getting harder. We’re currently on Chapter 6: Time. I don’t understand some parts and it’s really sad :c I will work hard.

I’m looking for an instagram grid idea so I could get a pretty feed on my card collecting account, but it’s hard to find. Halp.

I decided to put random photos as featured images. Hehe~

I hope everyone takes care~ Till next time! Bye~


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