I Want to Write

a/n: I wrote a funny poem last 31st of July while waiting for the Selena Gomez Revival Tour Concert. I stayed inside Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for an hour and a half and wrote this, whatever this actually is:

Tell me how to write

So that I could write

What else should I do

I am in ruins


I wanted to write

But what is there to?

Should I write ’bout trees

Or that door closing


I am still asking

what things should I do?

I am still unsure

So what do I do?


I can’t believe that

After all of that

I have made something

I have written now


It was fun to do

It was fun to ask

I asked and answered

How does someone write


The page is ending

I think I should stop

But let me tell you

It was fun to write


2 thoughts on “I Want to Write

  1. It was fun to read! You might be on to something here. Readers love to read poems. Take it from someone who blog hops a great deal. Poems get noticed most. Maybe that’s because poems are original/creative thought. This one went down just right for me. And the thought that you sat in your fav coffee spot and wrote it just for us, well…thanks!!!


    • Hello! Thank you for reading the poem I made and thank you for the comment you left. The comment was what greeted me yesterday morning and I had a wonderful day because of it. ❤

      I’m usually very shy when it comes to publishing the poems I make as I am still lacking but I’ll do my best! Thank you again ❤

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