Having Such A Name As Mine

My name is Bessie… and it’s troublesome.

I have been given the name Bessie by my parents as they say it came from the name Elizabeth, specifically Queen Elizabeth. My parents would continue on to tell me how unique and beautiful my name is.

In the Philippines, it is an annoying name to have. People would call each other by ‘Bes’, ‘Best’, ‘Bessy’, ‘Beshie’, and a few others which refer to the word ‘best friend’. I’m not exactly sure how it will be in other countries as I have never been or lived overseas. To be honest, I wish it wouldn’t be like this.

Whenever I introduce myself, I would say ‘Hello! I am Bessie’, and most of the time I get these kinds of replies:

  • “Say that again.”
  • “Are you serious?
  • What’s your real name?
  • “Hello, you’re now my best friend.”

Or sometimes, when another person introduces me:

  • “She’s your best friend?”

The ones who call me would sometimes greet me / call me like this:

  • “Oh, everybody’s best friend is here!”
  • “Hey best friend!”

Another problem has come: people have been calling each other ‘bes’ as a joke. It might have started a few weeks ago. A few days back, about three groups of people kept on calling each other ‘bes’ and I had to look at all of them, only to find out that they weren’t calling me.

I started to not give attention when someone says ‘Bes’ or ‘Bessy’. They have to poke me before I turn around.

Although it’s troublesome, I still like that the name I have is unique. I like how I’ve never met someone with the same name, unlike some of the people I know. Sometimes, it does sound pretty cute.

I like it and dislike it, but I would never dream of changing it.


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