[PH Group Order] ‘Love You Dear’ by 비마베베 Be Ma Bebe

Hello! This is Bessie (@withkoike).

This is a group order for PH ARMYs for ‘Love You Dear’ by 비마베베Be Ma Bebe. (@taehyung_net), a BTS V Taehyung Birthday Project.

Please take time to read everything carefully before filling up this order form. Thank you!

Please refer to this link for more information and for the order form:


PRE-ORDER Details:

Fansite Pre-order Period: 19 September 2016 – 18 November 2016
Submission of Order Form: until 16 November 2016
Payment Deadline: 17 November 2016
Shipping date: December

Set A – CALENDAR Set – ₱1100
Set B – ECO Bag Set – ₱1550
Set C – CALENDAR + ECO BAG Set – ₱2550
* Price includes PAYPAL fees, however does not include EMS Fees, Customs fees that may apply, and local shipping fees.

* EMS, Customs and postal fees, should there be any, will be equitably divided to all buyers upon arrival of items in the Philippines.
* Prices are estimates only. If, by any chance, the total items + Paypal fees are less than the estimated amount, they will be subtracted from the 2nd payment (EMS and Customs fees).

Birthday Set Details:

Set A – CALENDAR SET (₱1100):
> Calendar (B5/182×257, 30P±)
> (1) Transparent Photocard
> Photocard Set
> Postcard Set
> Anti-electromagnetic Wave Sticker
> Fanart Sticker Set
Overseas Gifts for Set A:
>> Socks
>>Mini brochure (A5, 16P)

Set B – ECO BAG SET (₱1550):
> Ecobag (Embroidery)
> Photocard Set
> Fanart Sticker Set
> Pin-button (Fanart, Design) Set
Overseas Gifts:
>> Socks
>> Metal Batch Set

Set C – CALENDAR + ECO BAG SET (₱2550):
> Set A
> Set B
SET C Gift:
>> Fanart Hand Mirror (Drawing by @bimseom)
>> Mini Calendar


Please refer to this link for more information and for the order form:



A Morning Adventure

From October 8th to the morning of October 9th, we decided to have a group meeting regarding our project in database which was supposed to be submitted last October 13th (thankfully, it was moved to October 17th).

I fell asleep at around 3AM as I went to another overnight for another project the day before. I was exhausted and couldn’t stop myself from sleeping.

By around 5AM, we got up and decided to go to McDonald’s to grab something to eat.

Because they were fairly new to the place, I decided to accompany them to where the jeepney going to Anonas pass by. I went with them to SSS around East Avenue in Quezon City.

Now, here comes the fun part:

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Almost Done

I know I haven’t been able to post a lot since the semester started. I’ve been really busy. I missed writing.


The semester is finally almost at its end. It has already ended for some, but I still have a project to finish to be submitted on Monday. It’ll be my last day for the semester.

I have been feeling exhausted for the past few weeks. No, not just a week or two; a few weeks more than two. I haven’t been eating well either; about one to none times a day do I eat a meal. I don’t have the energy to eat and don’t have the time to sleep.

Everything has been very stressful as well lately. Project deadlines and exams have been on my mind for the past couple of weeks. I have also been getting told about how bad I am at my program and about how not good I am as a person. Everything hurts deeply and I have been feeling really down.

I want to write more but I can’t. Hopefully, I will have more this semester break.

Also, during my volunteer work, someone shouted at me and it made me feel uneasy. I ended up crying in front of the team last October 2nd. 😦

Today, I went to school and ended up doing nothing. Haha.

Recently, I have been having a crush on this guy from my class. He has a really nice smile and he seems nice. He likes kidding around as well. He sent me a message on SNS today and it made me feel happy. I haven’t felt this kind of feeling for a loooooooooong time. Really.

Tomorrow, October 16th, I will be going to NCT PH’s gathering. Then, I’ll be finishing up my CISCO assignments as well as my Database project. Wish me luck~

In the meantime, I will sleep. I need some rest.

I’ll try to write more when my real break starts.

Good night~