My 2016 in Bullets

I felt like doing this again after this. This year was definitely the best so far. I have changed a lot and accepted myself. I called someone a friend, and called a few others my friends. I loved a lot of people and accepted them for who they are. I stood up for myself and kept a few emotions to myself. It was awesome, and here’s a bunch more.

  • A better year, definitely
  • Finally attended a solo concert
  • Met teamwaffles’ maknae, Pam
  • Handled the first group order I ever had
  • Met Iveck online, hopefully in person by 2017
  • Spent a night by myself, without a family member, at a classmate’s house for a project
  • Opened Compile Live KPop
  • Opened another group order for SVT EMS Stickers
  • Opened a group order that was cancelled
  • Read a book after a long while
  • Attended Seventeen PH
  • Fell for BTS again
  • Fell deep into GOT7’s fandom
  • Bought 3 albums in one go
  • Bought an official photobook for the first time
  • Changed twitter accounts thrice
  • Got closer to Myles and finally met her in December
  • Attended two concerts in two consecutive days
  • Wrote
  • Published one verse
  • Dreamed about the first story I will be writing about starting now
  • Boy groups
  • Girl groups
  • Girl groups
  • and more girl groups
  • Became a Harry Potter fan
  • Watched all of Real GOT7 episodes, from seasons 1 to 3
  • Watched IGOT7
  • Loved the Lord of the Rings
  • Made getting a life-sized R2-D2 a life goal
  • Bought a bag
  • Had my leather shoes break after only a few weeks
  • Dad approved of me going to South Korea next year
  • Finally a fourth year college student!
  • Talked to Evange again!
  • My eyesight has gotten worse :c
  • Grandmother gave me her precious watch
  • Have gotten better in socializing though I would still rather sit at home alone
  • Had an awesome morning adventure
  • Went to two different overnights in two consecutive days
  • Finally called someone a ‘friend’
  • Had a mini reunion with the whole group – Jinky, Angelica, Juvylyn. I’ll love them for life.
  • Published another verse
  • A vacation for the first time in three years
  • Studied Basic Korean!!
  • Went to NCT PH Gathering although I wasn’t really a fan but it was fun
  • Fell for a guy in class
  • Went to BTS’ concert!
  • Finally saw Selena Gomez live!
  • Ate out with my sister’s college friends
  • I bought a Dayoung photocard
  • Bought A LOT of cards this year
  • Met ate April and she’s awesome as can be. Missing her so much
  • Never wanted to punch a guy so bad
  • Received a giraffe stuffed toy from my sister and her friend
  • Received a gift from someone after so many years
  • Was sent letters from penpals
  • Started collecting again
  • Had a few mishaps because of my name
  • Wrote a poem inside a coffee shop
  • Bought my first coffee from Starbucks with my own money
  • Bought coffee from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
  • Attended a concert ALONE
  • Celebrated SNSD’s 9th anniversary
  • A miracle with my Statics grade
  • Appreciated myself more
  • Won a giveaway!
  • Opened an online shop
  • Tried selling alone
  • Shipped a package by myself
  • Sent a letter by myself
  • Won playing Uno for three consecutive times
  • Became a fan of FRIENDS
  • Found my old speech in high school
  • Changed my body clock
  • Met Dabit in a mini fanmeeting
  • Bought 5 signed albums
  • Was given my first salary (?)
  • Experienced having cable TV
  • Ordered online for the first time
  • Donated for a good cause
  • Followed a basketball game
  • Followed another game
  • Saw the EXO mascots!
  • Was replied to by APRIL’s Chaewon
  • Got another reply from APRIL’s  Yena

[PH Group Order] Pocket Seventeen by 포켓세븐틴 @poketeen_

Hello! These are Bessie (@withdayoung) and Myles (@jeonghanesque).
This is a group order for PH Carats for Pocket Seventeen by 포켓세븐틴 @poketeen_ on twitter.

Order Form

Order Reference Sheet

PRE-ORDER Details:
Fansite Pre-order Period: 16 December 2016 – 25 December 2016
Submission of Order Form: until 23 December 2016
Payment Deadline: 24 December 2016 (Strictly until 12PM ONLY!)
Shipping date: December

Set – ₱110
* Price is per member set. One set is equal to one member only.  Please indicate on the next page which member set would you be ordering.
* Price includes PAYPAL fees and Postal Office fees, however does not include EMS Fees, and local shipping fees.

* EMS, and postal fees, should there be any, will be /equitably/ divided to all buyers upon arrival of items in the Philippines.
* Prices are estimates only. If, by any chance, the total items + Paypal fees are less than the estimated amount, they will be subtracted to the 2nd payment (EMS fees).



Order Form

Order Reference Sheet

Written Ideas

A few days ago, while in class, I felt sleepy sitting in the back of room. I wrote a few verses, a couple of poems, and a few short letters and story ideas I didn’t know whence came. I felt like using the word whence, correct me if I am wrong. It feels nice to use a word you don’t use often, or, in this case, have never used until now.

That time, I felt more alive than usual. Writing gives me the kind of energy that nothing can be compared to. I guess that is how people feel when they do things they are passionate about.

I started writing down ideas. I wrote ideas for stories that I could potentially write. I listed the things I am thankful for. I made a short poem about the class I was currently physically in but was mentally out of. I teared up jotting down why I love and will always support I.O.I, a Korean pop group to disband a year after their debut.

It was fun, writing that is. There are always times when I would write down an idea and come up with no less than five other ones.

While the pieces I’ve written were most likely not good enough, I would be editing and posting them today, in the afternoon (it’s currently 2:26AM!). For now, I’ll be relaxing, drinking hot mocha while watching my dad play the Last of Us.

Good morning.

What I’ve Been Up To


I have not been able to write for a while. I feel tired most of the time. I haven’t been visiting WordPress that much either.

I recently started watching the Harry Potter movies. I finished it in 8 days, and, as we, fangirls, say, it snatched me. I have not a day I did not think of Harry Potter and it is kind of scary. I also started watching the Lord of the Rings, and I got into it as well! I still haven’t finished the Return of the King, though. I plan on reading the books when I get the money to buy them. Please talk to me about them, that would be very lovely.

I started reading the Probability of Miracles last month but I started actually getting into it last week. I am currently on page 126.

I bought a bag last December 8th, after my bag of 7 months can’t hold my things anymore.

I had a few problems here and there. I can’t believe I also had a few boy problems which were really hard to handle, considering I don’t have any actual girl-friends I could talk to about them. I’ve ignored all of them, though.

I changed twitter accounts as well, which was such a shame since I loved withkoike a lot.

I updated compilelivekpop as well. I also need a few moderators to help compile live performances, the post about Looking for Moderators can be found at the top of the page.

I told myself I was going to stop buying Korean merchandise but I bought a Taiwan press version of GOT7’s Just Right.

Oh, and I finished all of the GOT7 series available on YouTube a few days before the second semester started. I fell more in love with them. My wallet is both mad and sad. Thank you JYP Entertainment for putting subtitles on your videos.

My group mates last semester has left me, by the way. They teamed up with another bunch of people, which is giving me both stress and a feeling of freedom. I am both happy and sad. Happy because I am finally free of that one guy who keeps on looking down on me; sad because I don’t have any group I can be a part of. I gotta start living on my own again. We’re still friends, though. We’re with each other everyday. I feel worse.

I still have to renew my passport and apply for Korean VISA. We just might be leaving for Korea for a week of vacation before Summer classes start.

Did I mention I am already a fourth year college student? I cannot believe it. After all the tears I have shed throughout the years, saying ‘I quit’ every single semester, all the people who thought I was not worth anything, I am halfway through college. It’s pretty awesome. I just have to tell my lazy self to back off.

Yesterday night, someone sent me these photos of the sky because they thought of me and my love for clouds. It was a nice present to receive.

I’m pretty sure I have done more, but I’ll end it here tonight. Can’t believe it’s already December, almost Christmas, only a few days left for 2016.

Bye Bye~

– Bessie