Written Ideas

A few days ago, while in class, I felt sleepy sitting in the back of room. I wrote a few verses, a couple of poems, and a few short letters and story ideas I didn’t know whence came. I felt like using the word whence, correct me if I am wrong. It feels nice to use a word you don’t use often, or, in this case, have never used until now.

That time, I felt more alive than usual. Writing gives me the kind of energy that nothing can be compared to. I guess that is how people feel when they do things they are passionate about.

I started writing down ideas. I wrote ideas for stories that I could potentially write. I listed the things I am thankful for. I made a short poem about the class I was currently physically in but was mentally out of. I teared up jotting down why I love and will always support I.O.I, a Korean pop group to disband a year after their debut.

It was fun, writing that is. There are always times when I would write down an idea and come up with no less than five other ones.

While the pieces I’ve written were most likely not good enough, I would be editing and posting them today, in the afternoon (it’s currently 2:26AM!). For now, I’ll be relaxing, drinking hot mocha while watching my dad play the Last of Us.

Good morning.


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