[PH Group Order] Pocket Seventeen by 포켓세븐틴 @poketeen_

Hello! These are Bessie (@withdayoung) and Myles (@jeonghanesque).
This is a group order for PH Carats for Pocket Seventeen by 포켓세븐틴 @poketeen_ on twitter.

Order Form

Order Reference Sheet

PRE-ORDER Details:
Fansite Pre-order Period: 16 December 2016 – 25 December 2016
Submission of Order Form: until 23 December 2016
Payment Deadline: 24 December 2016 (Strictly until 12PM ONLY!)
Shipping date: December

Set – ₱110
* Price is per member set. One set is equal to one member only.  Please indicate on the next page which member set would you be ordering.
* Price includes PAYPAL fees and Postal Office fees, however does not include EMS Fees, and local shipping fees.

* EMS, and postal fees, should there be any, will be /equitably/ divided to all buyers upon arrival of items in the Philippines.
* Prices are estimates only. If, by any chance, the total items + Paypal fees are less than the estimated amount, they will be subtracted to the 2nd payment (EMS fees).



Order Form

Order Reference Sheet


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