My 2016 in Bullets

I felt like doing this again after this. This year was definitely the best so far. I have changed a lot and accepted myself. I called someone a friend, and called a few others my friends. I loved a lot of people and accepted them for who they are. I stood up for myself and kept a few emotions to myself. It was awesome, and here’s a bunch more.

  • A better year, definitely
  • Finally attended a solo concert
  • Met teamwaffles’ maknae, Pam
  • Handled the first group order I ever had
  • Met Iveck online, hopefully in person by 2017
  • Spent a night by myself, without a family member, at a classmate’s house for a project
  • Opened Compile Live KPop
  • Opened another group order for SVT EMS Stickers
  • Opened a group order that was cancelled
  • Read a book after a long while
  • Attended Seventeen PH
  • Fell for BTS again
  • Fell deep into GOT7’s fandom
  • Bought 3 albums in one go
  • Bought an official photobook for the first time
  • Changed twitter accounts thrice
  • Got closer to Myles and finally met her in December
  • Attended two concerts in two consecutive days
  • Wrote
  • Published one verse
  • Dreamed about the first story I will be writing about starting now
  • Boy groups
  • Girl groups
  • Girl groups
  • and more girl groups
  • Became a Harry Potter fan
  • Watched all of Real GOT7 episodes, from seasons 1 to 3
  • Watched IGOT7
  • Loved the Lord of the Rings
  • Made getting a life-sized R2-D2 a life goal
  • Bought a bag
  • Had my leather shoes break after only a few weeks
  • Dad approved of me going to South Korea next year
  • Finally a fourth year college student!
  • Talked to Evange again!
  • My eyesight has gotten worse :c
  • Grandmother gave me her precious watch
  • Have gotten better in socializing though I would still rather sit at home alone
  • Had an awesome morning adventure
  • Went to two different overnights in two consecutive days
  • Finally called someone a ‘friend’
  • Had a mini reunion with the whole group – Jinky, Angelica, Juvylyn. I’ll love them for life.
  • Published another verse
  • A vacation for the first time in three years
  • Studied Basic Korean!!
  • Went to NCT PH Gathering although I wasn’t really a fan but it was fun
  • Fell for a guy in class
  • Went to BTS’ concert!
  • Finally saw Selena Gomez live!
  • Ate out with my sister’s college friends
  • I bought a Dayoung photocard
  • Bought A LOT of cards this year
  • Met ate April and she’s awesome as can be. Missing her so much
  • Never wanted to punch a guy so bad
  • Received a giraffe stuffed toy from my sister and her friend
  • Received a gift from someone after so many years
  • Was sent letters from penpals
  • Started collecting again
  • Had a few mishaps because of my name
  • Wrote a poem inside a coffee shop
  • Bought my first coffee from Starbucks with my own money
  • Bought coffee from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
  • Attended a concert ALONE
  • Celebrated SNSD’s 9th anniversary
  • A miracle with my Statics grade
  • Appreciated myself more
  • Won a giveaway!
  • Opened an online shop
  • Tried selling alone
  • Shipped a package by myself
  • Sent a letter by myself
  • Won playing Uno for three consecutive times
  • Became a fan of FRIENDS
  • Found my old speech in high school
  • Changed my body clock
  • Met Dabit in a mini fanmeeting
  • Bought 5 signed albums
  • Was given my first salary (?)
  • Experienced having cable TV
  • Ordered online for the first time
  • Donated for a good cause
  • Followed a basketball game
  • Followed another game
  • Saw the EXO mascots!
  • Was replied to by APRIL’s Chaewon
  • Got another reply from APRIL’s  Yena

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