Korean Language Class

This has long been in my drafts. It would be it’s first anniversary in June. I have to publish this.

I never got to write about it, but I enrolled to a Korean language class in the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines last May 2016. I tried out the Basic Korean first, as it’s always best to start with the basics.

It was okay at first, I knew hangeul and I already had it memorized. My only problem was the pronunciation. When our teacher taught us the pronunciation, it was like the light has shined upon me. What I thought for years as ‘right’ was wrong all along. Most of the Hangeul I knew were pronounced differently than how I used to pronounce it. It felt good to finally understand the difference of (o), and ㅓ(eo) as well a few other vowels I have been pronouncing incorrectly.

We talked about it in three sessions and then continued on to the common conversations and the grammar. It was fun, until we had too many vocabularies to memorize and sentence structures to follow. It became harder every session and, because I was still in school, it was harder to follow everything. I was tired most of the time and had more than Korean language to study.

But I wanted this so I did not give it up.

I had a hard time with listening to the CDs. Our teacher then played the CDs and let us answer the questions on the book. It seemed easy when you know the words, but as the lessons went by, they kept adding vocabularies we did not study — or I forgot. We had to translate what the voices on the CD said and I hated it every single time. It was hard, but I was thankful to have a lovely seatmate who always helped me with them.

I was able to survive the twelve sessions we had, a total of 36 hours. We had our graduation on the 20th of August and I was half an hour late to the graduation if I correctly remember. It was sad because we prepared a video and I was unable to watch it. We did win 2nd place to the video presentation/competition and won a 3000-peso worth of gift certificate to a Korean restaurant.

We were given a certificate and had our photos taken. We ate after the graduation ceremony. It was nice. The food was delicious and I had a good time with my classmates. We became closer.

Overall, it was hard but definitely fun. I had a hard time with the classes as I had school from morning to evening from Mondays to Fridays and Korean language class every Saturday morning but I was able to graduate. I learned a lot with teacher Kim and I thank her for teaching us a lot about Korea aside from just the language.

Today, I am able to understand a few sentences that I hear from Korean shows. I still have a lot to learn, vocabularies to memorize, sentence structures to permanently put in my head (their particles kills me).

If you can try learning another language out, I recommend doing so. It feels great to be able to learn and study another language and it feels like there’s a kind of connection to the country when doing so.


Two Weeks

Fourteen days have already passed since the year started. It’s been going okay for me. I have had a few great experiences for the past two weeks.

I started the new year greeting my family and relatives. We watched the firecrackers they set outside the house although I am still scared of loud noises, making me cover my ears for more than a few minutes. I feel better. I couldn’t watch firecrackers and fireworks before. They bother me and make me nervous with their surprisingly loud noise. I remember praying before I slept that morning. It was fun. I attended the mass in the evening by myself.

I can’t quite remember what happened on the second, we probably had pizza, but on the third of January, we celebrated our brother’s birthday by using up most of our energy to renew our passports. We spent more than five hours in line getting everything finished up. We had breakfast at McDonald’s in the morning and ate our late lunch, almost dinner meal at Shakey’s. I enjoyed the time we had as we don’t always get together and go out. It was nice. I skipped school that day, by the way.

We had classes by the fourth and it was a bummer. The two-week vacation we had was too short. Two of my friends gave me late Christmas presents. We had CCNA classes in the morning and watched the basketball game by the afternoon. Our department team won and moved on to the finals. Also, their win meant we won’t have classes in the evening. I went home earlier than expected.

By the fifth, I went to my only class at 4:30PM. It’s always tempting to not attend class as it was too late in the afternoon. I would rather stay home, but I can’t do that. I got lost as apparently, our classrooms change every meeting. How will I get by this? I got a glimpse of a classmate entering a room and I followed her. When I entered the room, one of my classmates told me I was getting prettier. There was no hint of him just kidding around, but even he was, it was nice to hear. I don’t hear those words being said to me. Heck, it was probably the first time.

It was GOT7’s Jaebum’s birthday on the sixth and I planned on buying cake both because I wanted to somehow celebrate his birthday and I wanted cake so bad. We prepared a few things for him a few minutes before the day ended (in Korea). It was funny. We hadn’t done this in years. c1fsiipucaaztzk

I didn’t attend class on the 7th as I had my check up. I have not been able to go to my doctor for about half a year and I felt the need to that time. My doctor scolded me. My mom was too much. I just wanted to go home that day. Turned out, my professor cancelled class the following week. Bummer.

The eighth day was normal. I slept late then woke up late. I got up past 1PM. I attended the mass in the evening.

The ninth day was tiring and disappointing. We had classes in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. We watched the basketball game but our department team lost. I don’t like watching and cheering for teams as it is awfully painful when they lose, but still, I’m thankful to have seen them play. This one guy from the team wearing a headband looked so good? Hehe~ We had classes and a seatwork in the evening.

What happened on the 10th, I cannot remember. Oh! I got asked if I was serious my name was ‘Bessie’ for the nth time. I was able to talk to a classmate. I need more adjectives.

We had a CCNA exam in the morning of the eleventh day. I got bad scores, sadly. I will do my best on the next ones. We watched the basketball game for the battle of the third place, and thankfully, our team won. I still need more adjectives. We had no classes in the evening because of the team’s win.

The twelfth was pretty busy. I went to school by 2PM as I was supposed to eat out with a couple of classmates but the traffic was awfully slow. I ended up by myself. I was texted by my unni around three and she told me to come with them. We ate at a ramyeon house near the school and it was yummy. It was spicy, which I don’t especially like, but it was good. I ate kimbap as well. A guy I think I’m starting to like high-fived me and I got all these butterflies. It was just for a few seconds but it was nice. We went to class by 4:30PM and was dismissed by 5:45PM. I went to the mall near our house and ran around looking for a cake to buy my grandmother as her birthday was on the next day. I got home by 8:30 and yes, I looked for cake for more than an hours and a half. I was dead tired. I, then, went to my high school adviser’s mother’s wake. I saw my sister’s classmates. I texted an old classmate. We ate out before going home — pagpag.

My sister’s classmates went home past 12AM on the 13th. I slept around 2 in the morning and woke up by half past 8. It was registration/class slots battle day for the Korean Cultural Center language classes so I had to be early. The registration for Elementary 1, the one I was going to enroll to, should have started by 10 but was pushed to 10:30 and ultimately pushed to 10:40AM. I thankfully got a slot! A friend got a slot but it was for the wrong class and it was disappointing. I want her to study Korean the same time as I do. I went to the mall with my dad until 12:40, when I had to go to class. The traffic was lighter and it was nice to arrive early in class. We did an activity about DNS server using Ubuntu. I had a good time and finished early, but something in me told myself that I should reboot the virtual box. It deleted everything I did using bind9 and had to start over. It was a nice experience. I’m slowly learning by these simple mistakes. The next class at 4, we had to present our project proposals but we had a few mistakes and had to start over. Thankfully, the professor was nice and said the presentation was only for him to be able to correct our errors. We went home early that day as well.

As I am writing this, it is the 14th of January, the last day of the second week of the year. It is 3:10AM and I should be sleeping but as this draft has been here for too long, I planned to publish this on the third day, I told myself I was not going to sleep until this is finished, so here I am on my 1188th word. It’s nice to be able to  write again.

I’ll be back with more adjectives next time! Good bye!

Happy New Year!

Just a short greeting before the first day of the year ends in my part of the world.

My first day was okay. We had a lot of food, mostly leftovers, but delicious nonetheless. I didn’t do much today. I slept for two hours in the afternoon which was great but I missed the 7:30PM mass. I happily attended the 8:30PM mass, though. We are currently watching GOT7 videos.

Happy New Year! I hope all of you the best this year. May all your hopes be fulfilled this year. Take care everyone ^^