I woke up in the middle of the day on the 30th of December and immediately went to the bathroom deciding to take a shower. Feeling thirsty, I went downstairs. I found that there was a package on the table. I knew it was for me, I was notified about it and have been waiting for days.

I delayed my bath and opened the package. I recorded a short video to thank the person who gave it to me. I don’t think I sent it to her though.

My first thought was that, she shouldn’t have bothered to. And that LBC was mightily expensive a courier to use. But it’s already done so I stopped complaining. IMG_20161230_130532

I loved the amount of bubble wrap used.


I opened it and it had a bunch of cute stuff. It also had BTS merchandise (as the friend is a BTS fan).


I’m not gonna lie, until now, I can’t remember who’s who from the Hiphop Monsters. I can recognize about three but forget how they look like again after a while. Who is that on the pin? IMG_20170101_131833

My favorite is the Jimin fan out of everything in the package. It was the first fansite fan I have ever owned. IMG_20170101_131445


I don’t get a lot of presents. I barely get them because I don’t allow people to. I guess it’s nice to receive some every once in a while, though. I’ll always be thankful for this set of presents I got last year. A great year-ender indeed.

It’s not wrong to like eating alone.
It’s not wrong to enjoy traveling alone.
It’s not wrong to choose to walk alone.
It’s not wrong to enjoy being alone.
Stop giving me disgusted and disappointed faces when I tell you I want and choose to be alone.


I started last Sunday, March 12th, the same as I always do — I wake up at 6AM, get out of bed after a couple of hours, and try to feed myself with the non-existing breakfast we have.

I planned on studying the whole day as I had a quiz on Logic Circuits and an exam on System Administrations course — I didn’t.

I went online for most of the day and around 4PM, I left to buy groceries with my parents and my siblings.

I went to buy Yum Yum. I also took a couple of ramyeon and tried to look for cookies. It was exam week and I wanted to buy as much as I can so I have something to eat when I start studying.

While paying for the groceries, I saw my mom playing on the mini-games they offered at the market. My dad kept paying by the thousands for the groceries — the mini-games can be played when you buy 1000 pesos worth of groceries.

We were able to get 7 tickets and divided them to the four of us (my dad did not want to play).

There were two games, including flip the bottle. That was the first time I’ve ever tried it. It was fun and was a stress-reliever.

As we bought a bit too many groceries, we were not able to eat out and went straight home.

Once home, we were able to cook for food and had ham sandwich. We also cleaned up and arranged the groceries.

I tried to study until 7:00PM, when we had to prepare to go to mass. 

I spent the rest of the night doing nothing but panicking over my quiz and exam the next day. 

Starting again

Good morning!

I had my blog on private for a couple of weeks as I was getting anxious about the people from school who might have been visiting my blog. Visitors are great, but somehow, thinking about my classmates visiting this, especially those that I am not close to, seems like it’s a bad thing. I have had a few blog posts I wanted to publish but hasn’t been able to because of this.

As I have gotten over my overthinking, I re-publicized my blog and here it is now.

For the four weeks, my days have been both great and stressful.

I am currently on my 3rd to the last week of the semester and I am awfully tired due to the amount of school work I have to do. As I am writing this, I am on an overnight for a project in Systems Administration. I also have a thesis this very day. Work has been piling up. I listed them all down and theĀ  list is almost at the bottom of my phone. I also have Korean Language class to think about.

I have a recitation, two project deadlines, and a homework for this week. Another project making is listed down, too. I also have to study for all of my courses. Next week is exam week.

I am glad to have been able to write this much in a while. I have had trouble doing so for the past few weeks.

Last month, I went to watch a movie alone — one of the things I enjoy the most. Last week, I went to a concert with an ate and met a few people before the concert started.

Pocket Seventeen EMW stickers arrived about two weeks ago and I had them shipped yesterday. I am to go to the post office to pick up the Brilliant Moment goods though I haven’t been given a notice yet.

I ordered GOT7’s Flight Log: Turbulence Monograph last month and ordered their upcoming album this month, too. I am broke.

Please do wish me luck on our project and our recitation. I need to pass everything!

That’s it for today. Bye bye~