I woke up in the middle of the day on the 30th of December and immediately went to the bathroom deciding to take a shower. Feeling thirsty, I went downstairs. I found that there was a package on the table. I knew it was for me, I was notified about it and have been waiting for days.

I delayed my bath and opened the package. I recorded a short video to thank the person who gave it to me. I don’t think I sent it to her though.

My first thought was that, she shouldn’t have bothered to. And that LBC was mightily expensive a courier to use. But it’s already done so I stopped complaining. IMG_20161230_130532

I loved the amount of bubble wrap used.


I opened it and it had a bunch of cute stuff. It also had BTS merchandise (as the friend is a BTS fan).


I’m not gonna lie, until now, I can’t remember who’s who from the Hiphop Monsters. I can recognize about three but forget how they look like again after a while. Who is that on the pin? IMG_20170101_131833

My favorite is the Jimin fan out of everything in the package. It was the first fansite fan I have ever owned. IMG_20170101_131445


I don’t get a lot of presents. I barely get them because I don’t allow people to. I guess it’s nice to receive some every once in a while, though. I’ll always be thankful for this set of presents I got last year. A great year-ender indeed.


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