Unboxing: Brilliant Moment, BTS V Birthday Project Goods

In September 2016, I opened a PH group order for the Brilliant Moment Birthday Project by All the Moment At the Moment [@kimtaetaeV_V] fansite master. I ordered one Set B.

Set Price: Set A: $30 | Set B: $50

Shipping Fee: (Divided to all buyers) $35

Ordered on: September 30th, 2016

Shipped on: February 16th

Received Notice on: March 10th (lol)

Picked up on: March 9th

The set included the everything on this post. Here is an overview of the things included:


Read more to check out the whole set.

The set were placed inside a canvas bag. It had a small but cute print on the center side. I now use it as my bag when I pick up albums I order online.


The set included a cute pouch which, in all honesty, I don’t know for when and how to use. It had a cute cartoon V on the center as well and had the same type of cloth used with the canvas bag.


The set included 4 stickers, 2 EMW Stickers and a keyring.


The keyringIMG_9191

The stickers were as cute (or cuter) than the real Taehyung.IMG_9192IMG_9195

Two EMW stickers were part of the set. IMG_9194

The square postcards were a delight to look at. The print quality were A+ and the fansite master picked very satisfying photos of V.


This is my favorite from the bunch. IMG_9199

The set also included a handkerchief which I will never use. On it was printed cartoon Taehyungs through a few eras, a pup, donuts, bones, and burgers. I did not bother pulling it out of the plastic either.


My favorite part of the set were the photocards. There were twelve cards in all and the back said ‘Taehyunga, I love you!’


An A4 poster was given as a gift. Sadly, it was not packaged well and had almost torn and folded sides.


The desktop calendar was smaller than I expected it to be. I won’t be using it anyway so I do not mind at all.



It was a monthly calendar and each month had a different Taehyung photo on it. They were nice to look at. The photos were taken well.



What I found cute about the calendar was that each of the important dates of Bangtan were marked on it.

Forgive my photos, I was not able to take them properly.


The photobook had a nice cover. It was a photo of the galaxy with the words ‘Brilliant Moment’, the name of the birthday project, in the center of the front cover.IMG_9254


It was size A5, which was unfortunately small, but nevertheless glorious. It more or less 100 photos.IMG_9258

The back of the photobook had a bar code and the name of the fansite master, ‘At the Moment, All the Moment’.


The photos inside the book were nice and of high quality. The end of the book even had a collection of other member’s photos, which I think is a nice gesture. Here are some of the photos:

A brochure was included in both Set A and Set B. The cover was the same with the photobook’s galaxy image but with a photo of Taehyung and the words ‘Brilliant Moment on Stage’.


It had about 20 pages and was size A4. IMG_9280

It included photos of Taehyung during their HYYH Epilogue Tour. IMG_9281IMG_9282

An A2 poster was the last merchandise on the set. The photo is the same as the brochure’s photo but colored.


Here are all of the items included in the set.


I ordered 3 sets, one Set A and two Set B.


I actually expected more from this birthday project set, seeing as it the goods were delayed for about 3 months. If I were to compare this to the only other fansite goods, I would have preferred the other fansite set than this one.

What I loved about this set, though, is that a lot of the items are useful in everyday life, rather than only collecting dust in my drawer. I have been using the tote bag for a while and might be using the pouch some time soon. The postcards were done well and the photocards had as nice photos are the postcards. The photos on the photobook and the calendar were taken nicely. The photobook had a section of the other BTS members and I was delighted to see that. Even the calendar had their birthdays, not just V’s, printed on it.


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