An Award in Korean Class

I enrolled to a Korean class last January and it ended last month, April. I was told by a friend that out of 25 students, only 5 of them were able to pass the course and it made me nervous.

Along with not wanting to fail, I was silently competitive. Korean language class removes my stress away and I wanted to do good in it. I did not tell anyone but I was trying to learn more than I should and tried to get high scores on our class activities so as to not fail the class.

Thankfully, all my hard work paid off. I passed the final exam in Korean class.

Although my only goal was to pass the class, on the 21st of April, a day before the graduation, I received a text saying that I was chosen as one of the best students in our class.


The time the message above was sent, I was cleaning the house. With my dirty hands, I grabbed my phone for some reason and saw this message.

We had a group chat for the students in class and that night, people kept asking who were the three people who got a text. I wanted it to be a surprise but I ended up telling them as the other two already confessed.

The day of the graduation, I wanted to back out. I simply cannot stand going on stage to get the certificate.

I was called out first in our class. I was the third best student. Our teacher was on stage and congratulated me, along with the current director of the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines.

Here is the certificate given to me along with the Certificate of Participation and the book that they gave as a gift together with the Certificate of Excellence.


Here are my final results for the term. The passing for each type of exam (reading, writing, listening, speaking) were 60% and I almost failed the Listening exam. Thankfully, I didn’t and got the award!


Getting an award after a bunch of failures in college made me realize how nice it is to get something good out of all these classes I am taking, that it does pay off to do your best. I cried a few times when I received the text and the award itself. It is now hanged in the living room of our house. I will continue to pursue this course and do better in the future.


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