[Unboxing] A Package from CDJAPAN + GOT7 Just Right Taiwanese Version

Last December 2016, I decided to buy a Christmas present for myself. As at the time, I was really into GOT7(I still am, don’t misunderstand), I bought these.

Shop: CDJapan | http://www.cdjapan.co.jp


  • Just Right TW 1132Yen 
  • NHK TV TV De Hangul Koza October 2016 Issue 450Yen 
  • EXO Coming Over (Kai) 1500Yen

Shipping Fee: 850Yen

Ordered on: December 2, 2016

Shipped on: December 4, 2016

Received Notice on: March 16th

Picked up on: March 17th

I ordered the items in 2016, December 2. The package was shipped in December 3, a day before the announced release date of EXO’s Coming Over album, which was pretty awesome.

I anxiously waited for this package when the second month, still without a notice, passed. The package did not have a tracking number, so I didn’t have any idea where or how it was doing. I chose a  non-trackable shipping method because it was cheaper and I never had a problem with other non-trackable packages I’ve bought from overseas before.

The notice for the package arrived after four months and I was able to breathe better. It was nerve-wracking — it was shipped in December and I got it in March. Most of the packages I bought from Korea without tracking came in less than a month.

I picked up the package the day after I received the notice from the post office. The album had a random photocard and a random postcard included, who doesn’t love surprises?

As any other package from the post office, this box was damaged. Not a lot but I was sure an item inside would come out damaged.


The package was full of paper and the items were in two separate bubble envelopes.


The Coming Over album is not mine and belongs to a buyer from my old online shop. The other two, though, are my Christmas presents to myself.


All the items inside the package.


I must admit: I do not understand Japanese (not yet, anyway) and only bought this magazine because I liked the cover. This NHK TV TV De Hangul Koza was the October 2016 Issue. It seems to be a learning material for Japanese to learn Korean. Funnily, I understand most of the Korean inside and as I am currently trying to study Japanese, will be using this material to practice my Japanese using Korean. I still win?


The cover is nice with all of GOT7’s never fading visuals. The book was thin and about the size of a notebook. IMG_9378IMG_9381

The paper is the same as the regular textbooks, my type of paper. There were pages that had GOT7 member’s photos — the only motivation I need. I took a photo of Youngjae, trying to be loyal to him. IMG_9369

The Just Right Album was the Taiwan version. I bought it more than a year after its release but I still find it great as it was first released. It was on sale when I bought it (hehe). It included a photobook, a CD, a DVD, a postcard, and a photocard.


Like I had predicted, the album had dents. It is painful to see dents on just about anything, especially precious albums. But I really don’t have any choice, do I? I’m thankful that the dents were big.

Inside the album were the DVDs and the photobook.

JB, their leader, seems serious most of the time, but adorable nonetheless.


The photocard, lyrics pamphlet, and the postcard were in one page. I was able to get Jackson for the photocard and Bambam in the postcard. I dearly wished for Youngjae, though. IMG_9407

Another I was a bit sad about was that the plastic holding the CD was broken. The CD easily falls out because of the lack of support but this isn’t too big to fuss about. Still thankful to not have cracked CD’s.IMG_9403IMG_9404

I was excited to have this as this is the first GOT7 merchandise I ordered after two years of following them. I was somewhat scammed back in 2014 and didn’t want to do anything about their fans nor their merchandise. Thankfully so, GOT7 is too lovable to ignore. A group of seven funny and talented guys, it’s hard not to watch and listen to them.

The magazine will be helpful for studying Japanese, if I do give it the time. I’m glad I bought it. The album had less than the Korean version when it came to the physical album itself but one thing I love about Taiwanese versions is the DVDs that came with it. I got it for a good price, too. The DVD was short yet fun, I should have downloaded it on the PS3 so I wouldn’t have to re-insert the DVD again.

Just Right had a cute and fun concept. Although I do prefer Hard Carry and Never Ever, I like seeing the boys have fun in the Music Video and the photoshoot. Mark was my favorite in this era. I almost never favor my bias in comebacks, they’ve had too much of my love already.

Overall, I’m happy with my purchase and would love to continue completing their discography. It would be taking a long time to do so, considering all the groups that I follow and love, but I would complete it one day, before 2020, hopefully.

Check out the music video to Just Right and GOT7’s latest  Korean comeback Never Ever! Maybe even listen to their latest Japanese release, My Swagger?


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