A Peaceful Day

The last afternoon of July, 2017, had been peaceful for me.

I woke up around 6AM today. Slept again a few minutes after. Woke up at 7, then at again 8. I remember reading fanfiction until 9AM.

I did the usual, spent about an hour and a half in the bathroom thinking about life then eating downstairs afterwards. I figured it was going to be a nice day when we had chicken nuggets.

Both of my siblings left for school while I didn’t have classes for the day. I started to set the table and went online. No one to talk to with my mom downstairs and my dad upstairs, it was nice.

I can’t remember most of what I’ve done and searched for while on the laptop but it was nice.

I, by the way, bid for two Zelo cards. I am doomed. I still have to buy an awful lot of items.

Past 3PM (or was it 4?), my dad woke up and went to the room where I was. He was hungry and I suggested he cook the bacon. He asked to buy some eggs, too. We spent a few minutes, together with my mom, eating eggs and bacon — in the afternoon. And, as Filipinos, we ate it with rice.

My dad might or might not have slept again and I continued to watch Korean videos. JJ Project has released their comeback song! I watched Laboum, APRIL, and WJSN. I love those three. Talented young kids, I wish for their great future.

At night, I cooked rice and my mom cooked paksiw. My dad ate while I continued to watch videos. My sister arrived, then my brother. It became a bit noisier and it was sad that my peaceful day has come to an end. My sister and I watched Cinderella before eating dinner.

Now, as I am writing this post, I am watching B.A.P videos. It’s been a bit hard to listen to other groups after the Super Pop Concert (will be blogging about it soon!), it’s been about 3 or 4 weeks and I only ever play B.A.P until today. I love them.

I am about to go to sleep with an assignment not yet finished.

Overall, it was nice having some time alone, enjoying the things I enjoy. I did not have to talk to anyone. I didn’t have to speak. I just let my mind flow. I let myself enjoy the silence. Then let myself enjoy the music I played a couple of hours after I started. I don’t expect anything from myself and there is not anyone around who expects me to do something. I was just myself, the best kind of feeling.


Out of Mind

I am going to be honest, I forgot I had a blog.

Hello! I cannot believe it has been over a month since I last posted.

School started last month but I am already exhausted.

For the past 39 days, I have done over 10 activities, took a few quizzes, performed lab activities, went to a concert alone, met a few people, talked to a twitter following who doesn’t follow back, almost failed an exam and took another exam, got embarrassed, spent a lot, started playing Final Fantasy IX, is currently stressed, and been sleeping a lot.

I still need to study for the Civil Service Examinations on August 6th.

Today, the classes were suspended due to the thunderstorm and I am thankful to have had a day of rest. Tomorrow, I will be updating on the two concerts I have been to this year and finish two other drafts that have been there since last month. Classes were suspended for tomorrow as well, so I have time.

I feel sleepy. I hope everyone has a great time. Please take care!