Another Birthday

I started the day by watching the final episode of Produce 101 Season 2 and boy, was it a wrong move. I became stressed and more tired watching it. I really wish Samuel and Jonghyun will debut in Wanna One. The show ended at 2AM and I slept afterwards. I think I cried for a bit.

June 17, my day of all the days in the year. The day I am most excited for and give myself everything I want — my birthday.

I woke up around 6 in the morning and went back to sleep. I woke up half past eight and immediately went to the bathroom to take a bath — I had classes. I got downstairs to see my mom cooking Carbonara. I was running late, but I still ate. Nobody says no to pasta.

I left the house rather late and arrived in my class 20 minutes late. The professor seemed nice (although I can feel the guy will be strict once the lessons start) and motivated us.

We were dismissed at 12:30PM and my classmates greeted me. I bought them fries to somehow celebrate, although I really don’t do that on my birthday. I don’t have big celebrations and try to make the day as simple and normal as possible, although I always have a party by myself running through my mind the whole day. What irritated me after class was that a classmate kept on asking me to treat them to lunch. I was fuming.

After lunch, we went to the room for our next class and waited for a few minutes before the professor arrived. A little orientation and we were sent home. Sadly, my classmates wanted to stay for a while. I did get to take photos of the sky and plants, though, so I wasn’t too bored waiting for them.


I got up and headed home at 3:30. I went around the mall near my house for a while for the air condition. It’s badly hot in my place. I went to the kiosk with the used books and found this book at the top of everything else. I felt like I was meant to see and buy it, and eventually read it.
I decided to go home. While on my way, I saw this newly opened bakeshop a friend told me about and went inside. I looked for a cake and they offered a discounted cake. I was looking at a chocolate cake but decided to take the cake they were offering, thinking I can buy the chocolate one some other time. It was called Strawberry Surprise and my family loves it!


I arrived home and found only my brother and his classmates were in. I brought home quail eggs and ate it with them. I tried to sleep but couldn’t. My dad arrived an hour later and I was too upset to talk to him. I didn’t speak to anyone and didn’t get out of my room that evening.

I opened my cake a few minutes before midnight and lit and blew the candles by myself. It was nice, quiet and alone. It had a calming feeling. I spent the rest of the night playing the Kardashian game.

Oh, and I turned 21 that day. It wasn’t the best day and I was the reason why but being able to spend the day technically by myself, calmed me down. I enjoyed it. I’m also getting older. It seems unreal. I want to be able to have better and more productive days ahead.

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and is having a nice day~


An Award in Korean Class

I enrolled to a Korean class last January and it ended last month, April. I was told by a friend that out of 25 students, only 5 of them were able to pass the course and it made me nervous.

Along with not wanting to fail, I was silently competitive. Korean language class removes my stress away and I wanted to do good in it. I did not tell anyone but I was trying to learn more than I should and tried to get high scores on our class activities so as to not fail the class.

Thankfully, all my hard work paid off. I passed the final exam in Korean class.

Although my only goal was to pass the class, on the 21st of April, a day before the graduation, I received a text saying that I was chosen as one of the best students in our class.


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20 Facts About Me

This has been on my drafts for a long while. I decided to finish it today so here it is.

As much as I like answering questions, I also like listing down things about me so here I go:

  1. I am a dying Computer Engineering student. Every semester, I tell myself how I want to take up Poetry instead of Computer Engineering. I have found that I like writing more than solving problems and using KVL but I’m still here and I want to finish this. I get hurt every time I fail exams and quizzes but I will graduate.
  2. My dream is to become a poet. But I chose a different path.
  3. I wear glasses and, although it helps me see better, I am wishing I didn’t have them. During the first few months, I was okay with them, but as time went by, I wish I had taken care of my eyesight as glasses are annoying to have.
  4. I like staying at home more than I like hanging out with people. Although I do have a few people I hang out with, I like staying at home and having a quiet time alone. I do like talking to people, but most of the time, I like being by myself and thinking about things I could do and things I could write. 
  5. I’m starting to understand what it means to be friends. I never had anyone I considered a friend as I have had trust issues because of being bullied when I was younger, but the feeling of having friends is really nice. I am enjoying the feeling of having ‘friends’.
  6. I mostly listen to Korean and Japanese Pop and a few Japanese Rock. And yes, I listen to Filipino Bands as well!
  7. I recommend GROUPLOVE to everyone. I absolutely love the lyrics and music that GROUPLOVE does. My family listens to and loves them as much as I do. I hope to watch one of their concerts with my family one day.  
  8. There are 6 things I should always bring: a handkerchief, money, my phone, a ponytail, my ID, and my glasses. It used to be 7, but I lost my watch. 😦 I count them before I leave my house and let me tell you that it is a big help. If you are the type to forget things, I recommend you to count them before going out.
  9. I do not have plans of marrying and people would often tell me I would change my mind when I fall in love, but I don’t think that will be anytime soon. I wrote this then, but nowadays, I have been thinking about being in a relationship. But then again, I don’t have anyone who likes me or have time. Lol
  10. I have been a fan of Girls’ Generation since 2009. I don’t have much time to ‘fangirl’ over them nowadays, but my love for them has not faded.
  11. Out of all the long running anime, I chose to watch Detective Conan. I currently am on the 295th episode. I wasn’t able to watch for the past few months due to school.
  12. I don’t believe in ghosts, but there are things I see that not everyone does. Apparently, my mom and dad dream of and can feel, see, or hear weird things. I probably got it from them, but everything is still hard to believe.
  13. I hate the sound of dripping water. 
  14. Being told to do laundry makes me angry. I dislike doing laundry. You can make me clean the house for the next three days but never do the laundry.
  15. I wanted to be a singer but it turns out I am not good at singing. In year 2 of high school, I was told that my singing voice was not good, leading to me not singing when there are people around for years. I started singing again with my family and a few close friends this year, 2016. 
  16. I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Although I am 22 years late, I was able to watch the series in April of 2016 and I fell in love with the series.  I watch and rewatch the episodes every now and then. 
  17.  Seventeen is my birth day and my favorite number. I consider it the best number. I am biased.
  18. At times, I hoard. And I hate it. I wish I could stop.
  19. I am afraid of balloons. Even writing the word sends chills.
  20. I turned 20 this June. And it feels different from when I was a teenager.




Having Such A Name As Mine

My name is Bessie… and it’s troublesome.

I have been given the name Bessie by my parents as they say it came from the name Elizabeth, specifically Queen Elizabeth. My parents would continue on to tell me how unique and beautiful my name is.

In the Philippines, it is an annoying name to have. People would call each other by ‘Bes’, ‘Best’, ‘Bessy’, ‘Beshie’, and a few others which refer to the word ‘best friend’. I’m not exactly sure how it will be in other countries as I have never been or lived overseas. To be honest, I wish it wouldn’t be like this.

Whenever I introduce myself, I would say ‘Hello! I am Bessie’, and most of the time I get these kinds of replies:

  • “Say that again.”
  • “Are you serious?
  • What’s your real name?
  • “Hello, you’re now my best friend.”

Or sometimes, when another person introduces me:

  • “She’s your best friend?”

The ones who call me would sometimes greet me / call me like this:

  • “Oh, everybody’s best friend is here!”
  • “Hey best friend!”

Another problem has come: people have been calling each other ‘bes’ as a joke. It might have started a few weeks ago. A few days back, about three groups of people kept on calling each other ‘bes’ and I had to look at all of them, only to find out that they weren’t calling me.

I started to not give attention when someone says ‘Bes’ or ‘Bessy’. They have to poke me before I turn around.

Although it’s troublesome, I still like that the name I have is unique. I like how I’ve never met someone with the same name, unlike some of the people I know. Sometimes, it does sound pretty cute.

I like it and dislike it, but I would never dream of changing it.


While most people do not recognize it, a few fans might be able to. My username, nshnkn, actually came from the name of a favorite JPop artist: Nishino Kana.

I remember back in March, wanting to use a shorter username from my previous (wafflechangsub), I got the idea of removing the consonants from my favorite artist. It was 6 letters long and I found it perfect as a username. I have taken an absolute liking to it and plan to use them for a few more years. ✌

An Introduction

As a new member of the website, it is only appropriate that I tell some things about myself.

Hello! I am Bessie, a nineteen year old from the Philippines. I am currently taking up Computer Engineering.

I am interested in writing, especially essays and poems. I opened up this blog to improve my writing. I have taken a liking to K-Pop, dinosaurs, giraffes, the outer space, and unusual things.

My username nshnkn comes from the consonants of my favorite singer’s name: Nishino Kana. I have taken a liking to the username and have been using it for the past months. I might change into something better suited for a personal blog when I get to think of one.