Banners from A Few Months Ago

I went to One K Concert early in March of 2017. As how any K-Pop concert is, banners are always given out to a certain number of attendees (until all the stocks are out).

I was not able to put them on my One K post but I wanted to share the banners I was given that day. I also included the light stick they gave out inside the venue itself.




Oh, and the B.A.P PH staff I ordered my Who’s X shirt gave out a whistle, too. IMG_9343


Global Peace Concert One K in Manila 2017


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One K Global Peace Concert in Manila was announced a few months before the year 2016 ended. It was supposed to be attended by EXO and BTS, as rumors went out the same time. It was confirmed by January 2017, having All Access Productions as one of its producers.

All Access Productions is a company who had brought us K-Pop shows and concerts including Dream K-Pop Fantasy Concerts 1 and 2 and MBC Show Champion in Manila 2016.


One K Global Peace Concert in Manila was held on 2nd of March, 2017. It was a peace concert for the unification of the only divided country in the world: Korea. Philippines was its first stop for the year of 2017.


The show started at 8:25PM with a formal event, talking about the significance of bringing together the nation of Korea, its dreams and hopes for its future. The master of ceremony was Sam Oh, a Philippine-based Korean actress. The formal event ended with a group of people holding dove balloons (which, for me, as a person with a fear of balloons, was surprisingly cute).

The concert then started with B.A.P. I remember seeing them for the first time in 2014 and I cried a bucketful of tears during their performance. I can’t remember if I cried this time. I was happy with being able to see them again! B.A.P. performed their latest song Skydive. They also performed One Shot, which made my concert buddy for the day very happy. Sadly, I wasn’t able to use the whistle they gave out earlier. The last they performed was No Mercy. People singing, more like shouting, “No! No! No! No Mercy” will always be one of my favorite parts of any event B.A.P. will be on. Daehyun had a few minutes alone, dancing on the main stage near a camera. I almost made him my bias. I love everyone, though.

After their performance, Seolhyun and Minho came out. They were the emcees for the rest of the show. It was cute, as what they were saying were already flashed on the screens with subtitles (a very nice gesture from the producers).

Having been enrolled to a Korean class, I tried my hardest to translate a few of what the people have been saying.



B1A4 was next, and, as someone who isn’t a fan, I was converted. All five members were nice. I felt bad for not knowing everyone except Baro and Gongchan. They performed the songs Beautiful Target, Baby Goodnight, and what became my favorite that night, What’s Happening. During the ment, Baro spoke in English and I fell more for him. I needed to find out more about them after that night. Baro’s voice, I would love to hear that from day to night.


Emcees Seolhyun and Minho came out again and talked about how popular Korean Dramas are in the Philippines. I can’t remember why but I wrote on my note ‘kpop na drama’. It might have been the Filipina emcee who kept on shouting on the microphone. She was funny.

The show went on with KDrama special stages. Forgive for not knowing the songs, I am not a fan of Korean Drama. Choa of AOA sang a song from the Descendants of the Sun while Sandeul of B1A4 sang the theme song from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. The last song was Almost Paradise, something I and a lot of Filipinos are very familiar with. It was the theme song from Boys Over Flowers. B.A.P.’s Daehyun and Youngjae (/keyboard smashing bec otp) sang it for the night.

AOA came out and performed Excuse Me (the song of the year 2017). I might have also cried. I am not very sure. They performed Heart Attack then had their ment. During the ment, I had a mini heart-attack as Jimin slipped because of a slogan cardboard thrown on stage. Thankfully, one of her members caught her. Every one of the members were beautiful. AOA performed Mini Skirt last. I was thankful to have been able to see Jimin. Finally. Hearing Choa’s voice was a blessing, too.


BTOB, the main reason why I went to the show, were next in the line up. They performed their latest song, I’ll Be Your Man. Along with it, they performed Beep Beep and probably the song they’ll always perform in joint concerts, Wow. I am sure I cried that time. Everyone were preparing for their come back and Ilhoon had his hair dyed red. I was shook (lol). During their ment, everyone tried to speak in English. I forgot who my bias was. I love all of them.

One of the most unforgettable moments during the night was that when Sungjae introduced himself, the whole venue went wild, even Eunkwang who was beside him looked surprised. Sungjae spoke in Cebuano, too.


CNBlue went next and they started with their song Can’t Stop, one of my favorites. Yonghwa’s smile was exceptional and I think everyone would agree that he was the crowd favorite of the night. He was a sweetheart. They also performed Cinderella and You’re So Fine. In-between their performances, Yonghwa said ‘Manila, you’re so sweet’ and ‘You’re the best, Manila. I love you.’ He also said that he will come back. But all I really want to say is that he took my heart.


A performance of ‘Anak’ with BTOB Eunkwang and Hyunsik together with Filipino actor Cesar Montano had shocked the audience and filled the venue with screams and ‘wow’s. Hyejeong came out next, but I was not able to recognize the song she sang. Her voice was amazing, though.


Performing the song View, SHINee came out. FINALLY. I wanted to see them perform at least once in my life (although I’m hoping for more). There were amazing, more than how I saw them in fantaken and music show performances. After View was An Encore, then 1 of 1. The last is one of my favorite SHINee songs ever: Everybody. I did tear up a bit, SHINee was one of the few first groups I’ve gotten to know during my time as a newbie fan. They are important to me. SHINee recognized their group of fans by the right and I was happy for them.


The final performer of the night was PSY and, although I wasn’t exactly a big fan, I knew 4 out of 5 of his songs. He started with Napal Baji and you can feel the excitement that ran through the crowd. Gentleman was performed next and my seatmate kept dancing around while watching. It became a bit silent during PSY’s performance of Father. How there were translations on screen was something I was thankful for. We could not only feel the emotions through the music and his voice, but also understand it. I think I cried during parts of it.


The energy went back when Daddy came up and soon enough, we were dancing to it (as much as we can, we were on the seated area, although my seatmate didn’t seem to mind). Gangnam Style, unfortunately, was the last song from him for the night and it couldn’t get any sadder. My day of relaxation was ending. However, I still did enjoy and was amazed that after 5 years, I was still able to watch him perform the song.

PSY was amazing. It felt like, while he was performing, he made the divided fandoms into one. Everyone was having fun and it was nice to see that.

Seolhyun and Minho came out again, introducing Terry Jim and Jimmy Lewis, who in turn introduced a new song. Everyone of the idols, excluding B.A.P and BTOB who had schedules the following day, came out, singing the song. While I cannot understand the rest of my notes (which I also should take note of), Minho did something that made me laugh. Other than that, I feel like I cried over the concert finally ending.

I went out as my seatmate had to get home soon, although I didn’t want to leave yet and asked for a couple more photos (traditional lol). I unfortunately lost my ticket to the event afterwards and it was such a drag. I still feel bad now, 5 months later.

Anyhow, the event was superb! The lineup was amazing although most were boy groups (I badly want girl groups 😦 ), I did enjoy it. Especially with BTOB and B.A.P together, it was one heck of a night. I hoped to see them again, and lo and behold, Super Pop Con happened (which I went to and will be blogging about in tomorrow, I promise.) Everything was unexpected and was amazing to have been able to experience. I became a fan of B1A4 after the night and truly regret that I didn’t look them up before (thankfully, their songs were awesome enough that I listened to them before and are familiar with them).

The translations during the special stages and performance introductions were very helpful. Definitely a nice gesture for the foreign fans!


As you can see, I was not able to take any photo of BTOB nor B.A.P due to the fact that I was trying to enjoy and feel the performanes as much as I can. I am not a big fan of taking photos during concerts as well as it ruins the essence of concerts itself. I personally think we should enjoy ourselves during the concert not after taking photos and videos of them and watching it at home instead.

An awesome event. Next time, another solo concert. For now, let’s stick to where BTOB and B.A.P are at.

Finally, BTS

A fan account on the ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage: Epilogue’ in Manila which happened last July 30th, 2016. I am most likely going to edit this when I am not thinking about my school work. Lol 3 more weeks till the semester ends.

Photos will be put up by the weekend. I am not able to get them now, my phone’s battery is low.

I heard of the news about BTS’ concert in the Philippines a few months back. ‘The most beautiful moment’ is going to happen in Manila. At that time, I still had problems with their fans and tried not to get into anything BTS so I didn’t have plans on going. Also, the teaser was put up a few days after Selena’s concert announcement. I needed to see Selena first.

I had second thoughts about going. I wanted to see BTS perform live, yet also wanted to see Selena badly. I told myself I would buy a ticket if I had the money to, right after I secure a ticket for Selena’s concert. Unfortunately, the concert tickets for the BTS concert were sold out in a couple of hours, I believe. It was sad but I was also happy to be able to save more money.

I did not put much thought in the concert as it was already sold out but on the 27th of July, someone I knew posted about selling her extra tickets and I asked why. She said it was her sister’s ticket but because her sister backed out, she is selling it. I had to think fast if I wanted the ticket. Since it was discounted, I bought it. Finally, I am going to see BTS.

On the day of the concert, I had a morning class – Korean language class. We were dismissed around 12:27PM.

I arrived outside the venue a bit past 1:30, and met up with a few classmates. They weren’t able to buy tickets but they still came. They told me they have been there since 7AM.

We walked here and there, trying to find tickets that they could buy. We ate at Jollibee as I haven’t had breakfast nor lunch. The line to the counter was unbelievably long, and took about half an hour till we were able to order food, no kidding.

I met up with the friend who sold me the ticket around 4PM. We tried to search for light sticks but she wanted to see the Koreans who she bought hers from so, in the end, I did not get to buy any. :/

The time I spent outside the venue, I only kept on looking for people: my classmates, my friend who sold the ticket, light stick vendors, and my teamwaffles member. I also wanted to buy a slogan set from a Taehyung fansite that I would have been able to see but I didn’t get to either. I knew I was going to go home sad.

At past five in the afternoon, we decided to fall in line. It was long but thankfully, we didn’t have to wait for a long time to get inside. The classmates I had were left outside. I wanted to call them during the concert, but I couldn’t.

I have already attended two concerts and each time I went, I always run along the halls leading to the main venue. It was fun. It had always been fun. It gives a different kind of feeling. I am finally going to see them. I want to run to them. I will probably be doing it as long as I attend concerts and am still able to run.

The two companions I had were probably shocked but also ran with me. I told them I have always done that.

We got inside the main venue and it was scary. The tickets we had were the cheapest and farthest; the seats we had were the highest and it was frightening up there. I had to hold onto the seats because I felt like one wrong step and I would fall 2 or 3 levels down. During the concert, I used my Engineering powers to assess the situation. I would probably be stopped by a seat or two before I actually fall to the ground level.

One of the things I dislike is when people are loud. I don’t like when people shout yet. Every time I attend concerts, I always ask myself: ‘Why do you forget how much you hate people shouting when you buy concert tickets?

Before the actual concert, several BTS music videos were played. People kept shouting, and I badly wanted to go home then, like every Korean Pop event I have ever gone to.

I kept on posting on Facebook about wanting to sleep there as I was going to Selena’s concert the next day in that very same venue.

The concert started with RUN if I remember correctly. I thought to myself: This is it. This is finally it. That is BTS on stage. After 3 whole years, I finally am able to see them perform.

During the concert, I was thinking about how awesome it would be later on when they start performing Miss Right, my absolute favorite song.

Currently on 800 words. Lol

When they performed Young Forever, I couldn’t see most of them as they were near the main screen of the stage. I was at the right side of the stage.

During Boy in Luv, I almost cried. I saw my seatmate staring at me, and I ended up laughing. Boy in Luv was one of their first songs, and, at that time, I was really deep into the fandom. I have had a few problems with the fans back in 2015 so I stopped listening to BTS’ new songs.

Whalien52 was pretty awesome by the way. I haven’t heard of it till during the concert.

ALSO! I cannot contain the feels, I’m sorry. The rap/rapper line performed Cypher pt. 3 and well, it was lit. I love all three Cypher.

I had a really awesome time during the concert. They also performed N.O and No More Dream, and the crowd went wild when Jimin pulled his shirt up. As it were the first two title comeback songs, it felt different to me. It was nice to reminisce. I’ve loved BTS for a while, although I somehow left, I can’t deny they still make my day.

It felt nice. At some parts of their few songs, they let us sing them. But I wouldn’t lie, during Miss Right, when they stopped singing and let us do it, although it was fun, I was disappointed. I really wanted them to sing and I wanted to feel the song but at least I still heard them sing it. 😀

After the concert, I went to meet up with my classmates again. I also texted Pam, a member of teamwaffles, a family we have made on twitter. This was the day I would finally see her. I have met her online in 2014, while tweeting about how much I loved and wanted waffles. Also, she saw the Changsub doodle I made so we were able to talk. I met her and she was tall. I was about 5 or 6 years older, but she was taller.

We said good bye when her mom came. It was nice to finally meet her. Hopefully, I’ll get to meet her again soon. Most likely in BTS’ next concert. Please come soon back tho not too soon, I still have a trip to Korea coming up.

We bought food before heading the bus station. We were all tired and just slept throughout the ride. I still had another concert to go to the next day so I had to sleep a lot that night.

BTS was awesome. I am really thankful for the chance given to me. After so much that had happened, I finally saw them. I fell in love with them more after that night. I would love to see you again.


1200 words, did anybody actually read this? Actually, no, I’m on the 1356th word now.

Will be blogging about Selena’s concert next~

End of July, Start of August

My End of July

The last week of July has been one of the greatest weeks of my 2016! I had a lot of fun with classmates and a few other people.

Around midweek, I was offered an extra ticket to Bangtan Boys’ Epilogue in Manila. It was given to me at a discounted price, so I bought it immediately. The Friday of the week, I ate with a few classmates at Mang Inasal. It was fun. I also met another ate. We got immediately close.

By Saturday, I had my weekly Korean language class. The sessions were always fun and I do learn a lot. I wish I could continue to Elementary 1 next semester.

Saturday was also the day of BTS’ concert and I arrived at the venue past 1PM. I met up with my classmates. We went around the venue and ate at Jollibee. I met up with another one around 4:30PM and lined up by 5PM. BTS’ concert was one great experience.

After the concert, I met up with teamwaffles’ maknae, Pam. I’ve known her for two years and I finally met our baby. It was really nice to meet you, Pam! I love you.

See: BTS Concert Experience (blog to be posted soon!)

Selena Gomez’ concert was scheduled the next day. It was a regular day for most of the day. I left the house an hour after I went to church. I was alone during the concert but I met two ate’s while I was there. I’m becoming friendlier! Lol. I finally met my childhood idol. I cried lots but did enjoy it as well. I also can check off the ‘Go to a concert’ on my list of things I want to do alone.

As I was alone during Sel’s concert, I waited until around half past 6 inside Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I wrote a poem while waiting! It was awesome. I’ll be posting about it tonight as well.

See: Selena Gomez Concert Experience (blog to be posted soon!)

See: [POEM] I Want to Write

My Start of August

August 1st was great as well. I was late for my first class and couldn’t go to class, but I went home with a box of donuts! I’ve been thinking about buying BTS’ new photo book: Summer in Dubai.

August 2nd was okay. It was stressful and sad, but I’m okay. I might not be able to go to Korea by January 2017, unlike planned.

August 3rd, I watched the Conan movie!! It was a less stressful day. I bought cupcakes as well.

August 5th will be Girls’ Generation’s 9th debut anniversary. I’m so proud of my girls.

I decided on collecting again. To other people, it might be a waste of money, but to me, it’s what makes me happy. I’ll be buying less impulsively, though! I promise! ❤

The rest of August might be great. Lots of Korean Pop groups are coming back and I can’t wait!

*Will be updating this tonight. It’s 1:33 AM and I can’t really think that straight but I’ll be publishing this now.


Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2

This is a pretty detailed (with keyboard smashing) post about a fangirl’s first concert attendance. Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2 really was a dream come true. Read if you want.

Originally posted on blogspot || editing 

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Best of Best in Manila

Last April 12th, Best of Best in Manila was held in the Philippine Arena. It was a joint concert. The artist who were to perform were Red Velvet, BTOB, Girls’ Generation, and Super Junior.

To be honest, I never planned on going. I wanted to see Girls’ Generation during their solo concert so I didn’t really want to go to a joint concert. But my aunt said it was a once in a lifetime experience so we attended. She bought my ticket! *happy emoticon*

D-day! We had our customized shirts printed, our tickets ready and light sticks on (and then off because we have to save battery). We left the house in the afternoon, which was a bit disappointing because I wanted to be there earlier. I like going early because there are a lot of things that happen while outside the venue.

We were to go to her friend who was going to attend as well, just to accompany us. (Wow!) We met around 2PM. We stopped by for a while to get something to eat so we wouldn’t have trouble at the venue.


We ate at Army Navy. I had Hungarian Sausage and it was delicious!

After an hour, we got to the Philippine Arena (FINALLY!!). I became really excited. I couldn’t stop smiling and everyone I was with saw that. Well, I was going to see my idols after so long, how could I not get excited?


IMG_20150412_161806 Excitedly took pictures when we could finally see the Arena

When we arrived, we looked around for merchandise, but sadly, we didn’t get to buy any. Most of the merch have already been sold out. This is why I dislike going to events in the afternoon. We met up with my kuya and went around more.

Around 5 PM, we started to get in line because it was getting too long.

We came inside the venue quite late. Everything was a mess. They wouldn’t let us in even though they’ve already gotten our tickets.

It was disappointing but we finally got to go inside after Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake started. I remember tearing up both because of disappointment and excitement for Red Velvet.

I honestly did not take note of the songs each group performed.I could not stop smiling and crying. It was my first time to see Red Velvet and Girls’ Generation, second time for some of the Super Junior members and for BTOB as a whole.

My favorite parts of the concerts were when Red Velvet sang Ice Cream Cake, Somethin’ Kinda Crazy and Happiness. I loved Happiness and it was really cool that I got to see them perform it. Yeri was alone in the middle in the first part TT TT Somethin’ Kinda Crazy became my favorite song afterwards. Wendy speaking in English was awesome, too! I couldn’t stop staring at Seulgi.

The second to perform was my babies: BTOB. When they came on, I cried. It was my first time to see BTOB as an actual fan, I wasn’t that into them the first time I saw them. The feeling was very different. I loved every second of their performances. I cried during Beep Beep performance because I wanted to see it so bad. I got crazy over hearing 2nd Confession live again. It never loses its brilliance. I love that song.

The third was my ultimate babies biases: Girls’ Generation, SNSD, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Shoujo Jidai! I cried a whole lot. Finally, after 6 years, I got to see them. Sunny, my favorite, teasingly said that they were gonna perform Catch Me If You Can, which was released just a few days before. But they were wearing dresses so they couldn’t possibly. I loved how Sunny had a lot of time talking. My most awaited part was Tiffany’s “Philippines, put it back on!” I cannot remember how many times I cried during that time.

Super Junior was last to perform. My favorite part was their introductions. I love Super Junior lol. My favorite performance was Kyuhyun’s At Gwanghamun. #best

For the last time, Leeteuk stayed on the stage. He ran to the three parts of the stage and bowed. TT TT

We left the building when most of the people have already left. Smiles were all over the place.

We arrived home a little past midnight. It was one of the best days of my life yet.

IMG_20150412_194135  IMG_20150412_194204 IMG_20150412_194209 IMG_20150412_194211 IMG_20150412_200716 IMG_20150412_202631 IMG_20150412_202632 IMG_20150412_202636 IMG_20150412_202721

IMG_20150412_222119 IMG_20150412_222121

IMG_20150412_220244 IMG_20150412_220301 IMG_20150412_220307