About Writing

A bunch of words put together
My feelings I finally let out
I think paragraphs have become somewhat unrelated

Writing has always been a sort of therapy for me. Sad, mad, happy, stressed, I always write things down to help me. It is more enjoyable to stay at home and write or type about anything I can think about.

I have always had a world of my own. I liked being alone and I liked making stories up. I loved going to the world I have created and live in peace and quiet inside it. I love being able to imagine things which are unlikely to happen, but would still be lovely to experience. I loved reading myths and fairy tales.

It has always been a dream of mine to be able to write a story and have it published one day; a book which I can put near my door, on the living room, and on the shelf inside my room in my future house, a book I can be proud of. I even remember my mom telling me to write and she’ll make sure it would get published. (You’re awesome, mom!) But as years pass, I started to forget about the dream, and only wish to carry on and graduate with the program I have chosen.

Back when I still wanted to write a story of fiction, I did try to. There were several drafts on my old computer of stories I cannot remember anymore. I never tried to publish them online, I never had the confidence to.

Nowadays, finally having the time to look back, I remembered all these dreams I wanted so much to fulfill.

I have given up on writing and having it published into a book, but I haven’t completely given up on my love for writing. Still, I want to be able to write articles and reports or maybe short blogs of whatever I can write about.

I want to write so no matter what I will write.


A Dream About Riding a Plane

I dreamt about going to Davao. I was really excited when we boarded the plane. It took quite some time for us to fly because of the passengers. My aunt couldn’t make it so it was just my mom and I.

After we got to fly, it felt like something was wrong with the plane. I heard my aunt call out to me to show me something and I got down the plane. I don’t know how.

We couldn’t board the plane anymore as it was far away now. So we just explore the university we went down to.

I heard people scream asking why the plane hasn’t gone high yet and then we heard that the pilot never planned on taking the passengers to Davao. The plane suddenly blew up. We were having second thoughts about going to the crime scene as it was in the ocean and none of us could swim.

I got home but I remembered my mom was on the plane and got back there. I saw trails of water and followed it, hoping it was my mom. And it was. But we couldn’t save the other passengers. I tried to look for them but there was no one else in sight.

It was a really scary dream. Makes me think twice about riding a plane.

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Chanyeol, a Guy and a Robot

I dreamt about Chanyeol today. He rejected me again. I asked for a selfie, he said no. I feel so sad.

I was in an event and Chanyeol and another EXO member I cannot remember was there. I was one of the few who got to have the chance to take a picture with him. But we didn’t actually get to. The schedule kept on changing. We went back to the meeting room and EXO members performed. Mainly Exo M members. We never got the chance to take picture with Chanyeol. Only got to take pictures of EXO.

I also met Baekhyun and started teasing him by poking him then hiding. He was super cute and we kept playing with each other. His laugh was so cute. I also got to hold his hands. They were really soft.

Then my sister caught me daydreaming.

After that, I became friends with this guy and a robot. The robot looked real though. Apparently, they were being chased because bad guys wanted the robot. We ran around and got chased too. It was hard but the guy only had the robot as family. He wasn’t going to let them take her.

We came to a hospital to try to get away but that’s where the robot got caught. It was hard running around but we still got caught. The guys had the robot.

We went back the day after the event. We had plans on taking her back. We went around the hospital. We were almost caught but I found her. We ran again and tried to hide for a while in a small closed room but we were found a few moments later. It was sad that she was taken away again. They’re probably going to put her in a more secured room.

We were having bad time. We went down from the elevator as instructed. We were given pizza because of something. We ended up eating them. I kept saying sorry I couldn’t help as much.

It ended there.

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A Dream

Okay, so today I dreamt about Jihoon. It went like this:

We became classmates we followed each other on twitter. I got close to this bunch of people whose accounts I saw first. They were nice to me. We slept at the same dorm and told me a lot about what happens within the school. And then a few days later, I got to be with Jihoon. I can’t remember all the details but he was supposed to make bread and salsa. I kept on giving him spices that I don’t understand and he kept laughing at me, saying that those were not the ones he asked for before he went to where we were cooking.

He asked who I was with when I bought them and told me that the first bunch of people I went with actually dislikes him. Poor Jihoon baby. One of the people there had her usernames changed to ‘die.woozi__mozzzi’. It’s not acceptable on twitter tho but okay. Lol. Jihoon’s username was woozi__mozzzi.

He kept telling me all these things that they’ve done to him and told me that he used to like them as well but found out that they won’t do anything good to him. Since he knew those guys since elementary, he asked about my elementary classmates as well. I told him we weren’t close either. We just talk to each other whenever we needed.

We sat on a wide chair in the kitchen while waiting for the salsa to cook. I lied down to sleep. Before I went to sleep, we held hands. You know, like boyfriend girlfriend holding hands. I DO NOT KNOW HOW WE GOT THERE BUT WE REALLY DID. I CANT EVEN.

And then I went to sleep but I had a scary dream. There was a sound coming from the doorway. Being the brave loser I am, I followed it. And then I found someone I probably knew but didn’t remember because we hugged. And then he/she stabbed me at the back. I love my dream.

**Jihoon is one of my favorite idols

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