Sixth Month

It’s finally June!

Can’t believe we are already on the last month of the first half of the year. It seems like yesterday when I had my first post in 2017. I anticipated this year as my favorite number is 17 — the same day I was born.

It has been a month and five days since my grandma passed away, too.

Classes start on the 13th and it will be my final week for the summer vacation. I can’t believe it’s already the last. I want a year long vacation, or two. I plan on watching a movie, visiting the National Museum and the Planetarium the same day. I also started watching Kyou Kara Maou and hopefully finishes in three or four days. I still have things I have to advance study. I found out three out of my seven courses for the semester have strict professors. Wish me luck.

I’ll be posting two or three unboxings, my collection, and my three month late One K Concert experience blog post by the week. I plan on editing my old posts as well.

My birthday falls on the 17th of this month. I have a class schedule on the day until evening. ūüė¶ I still have to plan what to do afterwards, I feel like watching a movie and eating at a restaurant alone.

End of the month would mean a few days to the Super Pop Con in the Philippines. I will be attending for BTOB, BAP, and B1A4, primarily, but looking forward to the other groups and Kriesha as well!

Will be enjoying my month. Hopefully, won’t be having too much school work yet~

Hope everyone takes care, bye~


Haven’t Had Enough

— Sleep, that’s what.

Today’s the start of the midterm exam week.

I haven’t been able to post much since July and I haven’t exactly had enough sleep. I know I’ve been procrastinating, too, and I have two exams tomorrow yet I am still writing but I haven’t had enough sleep for the past couple of months. Even if I slept at an earlier hour, I’d most probably wake up at 2 in the morning (which is creepy when it happens consecutive times).

What else have I been doing for the past few weeks? I haven’t continued watching Conan and I’m stuck at episode 296. I wish I could get to the latest episode soon. I also hope I could buy the manga available in English.

Recently, I have gotten into collecting again. I feel like it’s really part of who I am. lol I’m going to buy the limited edition stuff I want then save the normal ones for when I get to Korea and hopefully soon, Japan.

I will be passing my application form for the Media Ministry to the local church tomorrow. More work, but I want to serve God.

I got a few penpals recently as well. I have yet to send the letters, but I hope I can send them soon. They’re probably already waiting.

It has been the most tiring semester so far. The Korean class I attended added to the exhaustion, but I enjoyed it so I don’t want to think about it that much. ><

I also want to say that it’s probably been the semester that I have spent so much. I’ve been trying out different food and hanging out with different groups of people who like food. I can’t stop myself from eating because I was told that if it’s food, spend as much money as you can as long as you want to eat. Kinda good, kinda not.

I’ll do my best in my exams and for the last few weeks of the semester. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my CISCO, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Electronics, and Circuits. They’ve made me cry several times this semester already. But I can’t fail any of the classes I’m enrolled to or I have to say good bye to the 2 week vacation in Korea I am planning. Lol. Also, I’ll be doing it for my future, but mainly for Korea 2017.

My Saturday this week is free so hopefully, I’ll be able to publish the stuff that’s been accumulating dust in my drafts.

I hope everyone takes care! Bye~

A Lot to Catch Up On

I have a LOT to catch up on. 15 incomplete and unpublished posts on my drafts. A few more I’ll write when I can aka when I have to study so I don’t study.

  • MWave Review
  • KPopMart Review
  • Birthday Post
  • BTOB – Complete Album Review
  • APRIL- Spring Album Review
  • 20 Facts About Me
  • A Monday in May
  • Seventeen PH Gathering
  • Nishino Kana’s 6th Album
  • A Message to My Twitter Friends
  • A Thank You Message to Everyone Who Helped Me
  • Back To School
  • Singapore/Malaysia 2016 Plans
  • South Korea 2017 Plans
  • Finally It?
  • Korean Language Class
  • Watching Conan

I’m screwed.

First Summer Break

It has been three years since I first went to college and since then, I haven’t had a summer break. I¬†have been attending¬†summer classes¬†ever since. This year, though, I finally got to have a break!

It is my 4th week of vacation this week and I still have about 7 to 8 more weeks to enjoy.

I don’t have any big plans. I don’t like going outside. I just want to enjoy lying on the couch for the next few weeks before getting into the battlefield again aka college. I want to sleep all day or maybe watch tv all day. I want to do the chores I haven’t been able to do for the past few months. I want to be able to rest.¬†And yes, I find all of it fun.

Plans Before Hitting 20

I have about 7 months more before I hit 20 and I’ve listed a few things I want to do it happens.

  1. Ride a plane (or at least get plane tickets before the day) [I won’t be able to do this]
  2. Learn how my mom cooks curry and adobo¬† [I won’t be able to do this]
  3. Publish about 30 (or 50!) blog posts
  4. Start getting into writing again
  5. Eat at a nice restaurant ALONE
  6. Exercise and get fit [I won’t be able to do this]
  7. Stay up until sunrise,¬†about thrice [I’m sick for the last few days of my break, I won’t be able to do this.]
  8. Shop for clothes and shoes (because this is not something I like doing)
  9. Eat at a cupcake or waffle store
  10. Learn the Korean Language [Currently enrolled at the Korean Culture Center]
  11. Learn how to play the guitar.¬† [I won’t be able to do this]
  12. Attend all nine Simba sa Gabi