[Unboxing] A Package from CDJAPAN + GOT7 Just Right Taiwanese Version

Last December 2016, I decided to buy a Christmas present for myself. As at the time, I was really into GOT7(I still am, don’t misunderstand), I bought these.

Shop: CDJapan | http://www.cdjapan.co.jp


  • Just Right TW 1132Yen 
  • NHK TV TV De Hangul Koza October 2016 Issue 450Yen 
  • EXO Coming Over (Kai) 1500Yen

Shipping Fee: 850Yen

Ordered on: December 2, 2016

Shipped on: December 4, 2016

Received Notice on: March 16th

Picked up on: March 17th

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APRIL Spring Album

I promised myself I’d buy APRIL’s album as a prize for passing all of my courses for the semester and for successfully stopping myself from buying other groups’ albums, so I did. I pre-ordered the album on Kpopmart.

APRIL is my third bias female group. (I love my fairy babies with all my heart.) They’re a bunch of funny, little cutie pies. They’re talented and pretty, too.

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Not Very Well

Well, hello! I haven’t been here for days.

Recently, I have not been feeling great. It is probably because I haven’t been eating well while I also have to drink medicine. Both are sucking all the energy out of me.

Yesterday, my dad and I went out to pick up the package I ordered last April, APRIL’s Mini Album ‘SPRING’.


We also had Yellow Cab the same day. To be honest, at 20, this is my first time to eat from them. The pizza and pasta were both good!

Today, I finally finished Conan episode 263 and then fell asleep afterwards. Hehe.

I still have about five days till another semester starts. I will be going to Toycon this Friday and I have Korean language classes on Saturday. But if I will be asked, I’d rather sleep at home than do all these stuff.

I’ll be writing when I feel better. Take care everyone~

Signed BTOB Complete Album

Four words — IT WAS ON SALE!

Last February 18th, as I was going through sites looking for an album I could buy so I could test out my card and try Paypal, I saw that MWAVE had BTOB’s Complete Album on sale, and I just had to add it to the cart and click the checkout button!

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Review will be on another post.
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