A Day With Relatives

Last Sunday, May 14th, marked the seventh day since my grandmother’s burial. It was also Mother’s day so we decided to visit her.

I went with my siblings, my cousins, and my aunt and uncles. My dad had work so he couldn’t come.


When we got to the place, the place where she was buried was not cleaned yet, sadly. We tried to flatten the ground. We prayed afterwards. We went to our grandfather’s grave next. It was a few minutes walk from my grandma’s to my grandpa’s place.

The sun was setting and the color of the sky was changing.


We prayed and stayed a while. We left before the sun finally set.

We took a walk from the place to where the cars could pass by. We waited for a tricycle and it took about 20 minutes. We visited Jollibee and ate a lot.

It was something we always did: visiting grandpa’s grave and eating at Jollibee. We’ve done it for years, except now, we don’t have our grandma to eat with us.

Going out with my relatives bring up a lot of good memories. We were able to talk a lot. I love them. I’m pretty close to them and I’m thankful to still have them.

I’m sure my grandma is now in a more peaceful place.

I took a few more photos while inside the cemetery. Enjoy~