20 Facts About Me

This has been on my drafts for a long while. I decided to finish it today so here it is.

As much as I like answering questions, I also like listing down things about me so here I go:

  1. I am a dying Computer Engineering student. Every semester, I tell myself how I want to take up Poetry instead of Computer Engineering. I have found that I like writing more than solving problems and using KVL but I’m still here and I want to finish this. I get hurt every time I fail exams and quizzes but I will graduate.
  2. My dream is to become a poet. But I chose a different path.
  3. I wear glasses and, although it helps me see better, I am wishing I didn’t have them. During the first few months, I was okay with them, but as time went by, I wish I had taken care of my eyesight as glasses are annoying to have.
  4. I like staying at home more than I like hanging out with people. Although I do have a few people I hang out with, I like staying at home and having a quiet time alone. I do like talking to people, but most of the time, I like being by myself and thinking about things I could do and things I could write. 
  5. I’m starting to understand what it means to be friends. I never had anyone I considered a friend as I have had trust issues because of being bullied when I was younger, but the feeling of having friends is really nice. I am enjoying the feeling of having ‘friends’.
  6. I mostly listen to Korean and Japanese Pop and a few Japanese Rock. And yes, I listen to Filipino Bands as well!
  7. I recommend GROUPLOVE to everyone. I absolutely love the lyrics and music that GROUPLOVE does. My family listens to and loves them as much as I do. I hope to watch one of their concerts with my family one day.  
  8. There are 6 things I should always bring: a handkerchief, money, my phone, a ponytail, my ID, and my glasses. It used to be 7, but I lost my watch. 😦 I count them before I leave my house and let me tell you that it is a big help. If you are the type to forget things, I recommend you to count them before going out.
  9. I do not have plans of marrying and people would often tell me I would change my mind when I fall in love, but I don’t think that will be anytime soon. I wrote this then, but nowadays, I have been thinking about being in a relationship. But then again, I don’t have anyone who likes me or have time. Lol
  10. I have been a fan of Girls’ Generation since 2009. I don’t have much time to ‘fangirl’ over them nowadays, but my love for them has not faded.
  11. Out of all the long running anime, I chose to watch Detective Conan. I currently am on the 295th episode. I wasn’t able to watch for the past few months due to school.
  12. I don’t believe in ghosts, but there are things I see that not everyone does. Apparently, my mom and dad dream of and can feel, see, or hear weird things. I probably got it from them, but everything is still hard to believe.
  13. I hate the sound of dripping water. 
  14. Being told to do laundry makes me angry. I dislike doing laundry. You can make me clean the house for the next three days but never do the laundry.
  15. I wanted to be a singer but it turns out I am not good at singing. In year 2 of high school, I was told that my singing voice was not good, leading to me not singing when there are people around for years. I started singing again with my family and a few close friends this year, 2016. 
  16. I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Although I am 22 years late, I was able to watch the series in April of 2016 and I fell in love with the series.  I watch and rewatch the episodes every now and then. 
  17.  Seventeen is my birth day and my favorite number. I consider it the best number. I am biased.
  18. At times, I hoard. And I hate it. I wish I could stop.
  19. I am afraid of balloons. Even writing the word sends chills.
  20. I turned 20 this June. And it feels different from when I was a teenager.