First Summer Break

It has been three years since I first went to college and since then, I haven’t had a summer break. I have been attending summer classes ever since. This year, though, I finally got to have a break!

It is my 4th week of vacation this week and I still have about 7 to 8 more weeks to enjoy.

I don’t have any big plans. I don’t like going outside. I just want to enjoy lying on the couch for the next few weeks before getting into the battlefield again aka college. I want to sleep all day or maybe watch tv all day. I want to do the chores I haven’t been able to do for the past few months. I want to be able to rest. And yes, I find all of it fun.


First Online Order

Well, not quite. I have been ordering on Facebook since 2012 and started to grow my collection money in the second half of 2013 using the same means but this is the first time I ordered from overseas.

I first learned about being able to buy from overseas a few years ago and I have been wanting to order since.

We first wanted to apply for a card from UnionBank but they rejected us. So, about six months ago, my aunt and I decided to apply for BPI’s E-prepaid card, and they happily let us.

I put money inside my card to test and try to connect it to my Paypal account. I had a few mishaps here and there but I thankfully got to do what I wanted.

I then happily searched for an album I could buy to try out the card + Paypal. I first wanted to buy any of APRIL’s three albums but I ended up clicking the checkout button for BTOB’s Complete Album.

Overall, it was very exciting to get to try ordering overseas for the first time and with only the web on my side. My wallet has been crying since, though.

Cover Group? (LOL)

I like dancing and I like K-Pop.

Today, I saw another post about someone looking for cover group members and, as I always feel whenever I see a post about it, I felt excited. I wanted to join.

I asked my sister’s classmates who were here and they said to try it. Even my parents told me that I should try to join a group!

The only downside is that I don’t know any of the members of the group.

But, there’s really nothing to lose, really. If I want to quit, I will quit.

So, should I try to join a cover group or just focus on studying?

I feel like this will be a really good experience! And, it might also help to boost my confidence.

The First Basketball Game I Followed

I have never been into any sports. In fact, in elementary, I would sit on the stage’s stairs and wait for P.E class to finish. I did that every single time, and when the teacher asked me if I wanted to play, I would say no. Sadly, though I was not participating, the balls kept coming to me and that’s when it hit me: I hate basketball and volleyball. I can take table tennis, or badminton, but not those sports with balls bigger than my palms.

High school was the same, I had to hold shoot balls onto the rings and forcefully had to play volleyball (my servings were the worst).

In college, I had to play basketball, too, I stayed as far away from the ball as possible. I was good at getting the ball from the opponent’s side but I immediately passed it to my teammates who seemed to enjoy the sport. I, again, started to dislike the sport when my pinkie broke while playing.

December last year, I was asked by a fellow classmate, whom I was always with, to watch the Basketball game between my department team (Computer Engineering) vs a team from another department. It was exciting. Scary, but very exciting. Thankfully, our department team won! Their second game, sadly, I was not able to watch.

The next one I got to hear about was the finals. They were against the College of Business Education team. The first game was sadly, a defeat, but the second game, they got to win! It meant a third and final game to see who are the champions.

The third game was intense. I was shaking throughout the game. One reason is because I was nervous, and the other because my department team’s side of the bleachers had balloons (I have globophobia). At first, my department team’s side got a lot more points than the opposing team. On the second and third quarters, however, the opposing side got a few more points than our team’s.

The last quarter? It was very scary, nerve-wracking. I was praying for the team throughout the fourth quarter. I was tearing up when, at the last minute, the opponents was one point higher than our team. Gratefully, a foul was called out at the last 3 seconds. The team won because of those free throws. I became speechless. I was crying. I was happy. We won!!

It was a nice moment. It became a memorable part of my life. I am glad that I took the time to watch a basketball game for the first time in my whole life.