Haven’t Had Enough

— Sleep, that’s what.

Today’s the start of the midterm exam week.

I haven’t been able to post much since July and I haven’t exactly had enough sleep. I know I’ve been procrastinating, too, and I have two exams tomorrow yet I am still writing but I haven’t had enough sleep for the past couple of months. Even if I slept at an earlier hour, I’d most probably wake up at 2 in the morning (which is creepy when it happens consecutive times).

What else have I been doing for the past few weeks? I haven’t continued watching Conan and I’m stuck at episode 296. I wish I could get to the latest episode soon. I also hope I could buy the manga available in English.

Recently, I have gotten into collecting again. I feel like it’s really part of who I am. lol I’m going to buy the limited edition stuff I want then save the normal ones for when I get to Korea and hopefully soon, Japan.

I will be passing my application form for the Media Ministry to the local church tomorrow. More work, but I want to serve God.

I got a few penpals recently as well. I have yet to send the letters, but I hope I can send them soon. They’re probably already waiting.

It has been the most tiring semester so far. The Korean class I attended added to the exhaustion, but I enjoyed it so I don’t want to think about it that much. ><

I also want to say that it’s probably been the semester that I have spent so much. I’ve been trying out different food and hanging out with different groups of people who like food. I can’t stop myself from eating because I was told that if it’s food, spend as much money as you can as long as you want to eat. Kinda good, kinda not.

I’ll do my best in my exams and for the last few weeks of the semester. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my CISCO, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Electronics, and Circuits. They’ve made me cry several times this semester already. But I can’t fail any of the classes I’m enrolled to or I have to say good bye to the 2 week vacation in Korea I am planning. Lol. Also, I’ll be doing it for my future, but mainly for Korea 2017.

My Saturday this week is free so hopefully, I’ll be able to publish the stuff that’s been accumulating dust in my drafts.

I hope everyone takes care! Bye~


Signed BTOB Complete Album

Four words — IT WAS ON SALE!

Last February 18th, as I was going through sites looking for an album I could buy so I could test out my card and try Paypal, I saw that MWAVE had BTOB’s Complete Album on sale, and I just had to add it to the cart and click the checkout button!

Click Read More for the album inclusions.

Review will be on another post.
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20 K-Pop Questions

Doing this again because I like comparing how I was and how I am now. Original post from my old blog. Questions are not mine; credits goes to its rightful owners.


1. Your favorite group(s)? SNSD, SISTAR, BTOB, APRIL

2. Your bias? So Nyeo Shi Dae Sunny

3. Your favorite song(s)? Everything by SNSD and SISTAR are my jam. BTOB’s 2nd Confession is a must to listen to. 

4. Do you ship? So yeah, which pairing(s)? I ship ChanBaek and used to ship JeTi so hard till 930 happened.

5. Have you ever gone to a concert? Yes, twice. 

6. How long have you liked K-pop? Been a fan since 2009.

7. Favorite boyband? BTOB

8. Favorite girlgroup? SNSD, SISTAR, APRIL

9. SMtown or YG entertainment? SMTOWN, I like their songs better.

10. How many K-pop songs do you have on your ipod/playlist? 1000+ songs, I am not kidding.

11. Name 3 of your favorite songs sung by girlgroups. Currently, I’ve been into MAMAMOO’s You’re the Best, WJSN’s MoMoMo and my all time fave is Genie by SNSD.

12. Name 3 of your favorite songs sung by boybands. GOT7 Confession Song, BTOB 2nd Confession, Super Junior It’s You 

13. Are you taller or shorter than your bias? Shorter

14. What’s your favorite lyric? Mark’s ‘어때?’

15. Have you made fanart / written a fanfiction? Nope. I have made several short ‘imagines’ though.

16. How much kpop merchandise do you have? I have spent about 25000 to 30000 php (1400-1700 usd).

17. Do you have cons/meetings in your country, so yes, have you ever attended to one? I have attended four fan gatherings and three cover group cons. Two of EXO Fan gatherings, two of BTOBPH Fan gatherings, and three SMTown Cover Group Fest.

18. Eldest or maknae? Eldest

19. Whose birthday is close to yours? Seventeen’s Hoshi! He is only 2 days older than me! 

20. Do you watch k-drama? So yes, which one is your favorite? I only watched one: Sassy Go Go.

Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2

This is a pretty detailed (with keyboard smashing) post about a fangirl’s first concert attendance. Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2 really was a dream come true. Read if you want.

Originally posted on blogspot || editing 

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Cover Group? (LOL)

I like dancing and I like K-Pop.

Today, I saw another post about someone looking for cover group members and, as I always feel whenever I see a post about it, I felt excited. I wanted to join.

I asked my sister’s classmates who were here and they said to try it. Even my parents told me that I should try to join a group!

The only downside is that I don’t know any of the members of the group.

But, there’s really nothing to lose, really. If I want to quit, I will quit.

So, should I try to join a cover group or just focus on studying?

I feel like this will be a really good experience! And, it might also help to boost my confidence.

Looking Back

I have been a fan of Korean Pop for quite a while. I literally spent ALL of my teenage life watching these idols, laughing over their crazy antics, crying over their pain, and making sure they win all the awards they deserve. I have been a fan and have also come to points where only they ever mattered to me.

I have always liked watching music videos. I was mostly on music channels back when we still had cable connection. It was in 2009 that through these, I had my encounter with K-Pop. 2ne1, Super Junior, Wonder Girls’ videos were always played on these music channels.

But my life as a fangirl started when I got to watch a video of Girls’ Generation’s Genie(Sowoneul Malhaebwa) around August of the same year. I used to wait for it to be played everyday at a certain music channel. I remember wanting to sing and dance after watching it, the latter never went into mind that I would ever do. It was then that I also did my research about the group and memorizing their members.

In 2010, I remember it was the first time I got introduced to the group’s fandom called ‘SONE’. I started to watch their live shows as well as their reality shows. I had the chance to talk to a few fans. All year I spent my time following the girls. At the same year, I got to know a couple of groups called SHINee and B2ST whom I had interest in as well. My first two albums were bought in December.

2011 was one of the most memorable years for me. It was then when I started to join groups and became administrator of several fan pages and sites. It was when I was at what I might be able to compare to the ‘peak’ of my fan life. I got to talk to more fans and I had the chance to become friends with some of them. I received updates from these fans everyday. I had a couple of albums added to my collection.

2012 was the year I decided to temporarily stop. I had the same routine by the first few months of the year, but when I became a fourth year high school student, I decided to focus on what was more important. I decided that I should focus on school and other obligations. I had high hopes for NU’EST, a rookie group at that time.

By 2013, I graduated from high school and went onto college. I would say it was both a disappointing year and a year of fun. It was disappointing as SNSD went to my country but I never came and fun because it was the year I got to meet a lot of fans online. Some friendships have lasted for a couple of years (and hopefully more!) already. I had a few albums added to my collection and a LOT of merchandise, too.

2014 was the most heartbreaking year, yet. It was the start of what I feared most. The first part of the year was already disappointing as I did not do enough to pass a subject. By May of the year, we received the news of EXO’s Kris leaving. I had a really hard time as it was the first time that I got to experience such a heartbreak. I remember that day, we had white pasta for dinner but I couldn’t finish it. It was a really sad day, I spent most of the day crying over a member that left. The same happened in September. One of the members of Girls’ Generation, Jessica, had to leave or had left (I still do not know what to believe). It was supposed to be a day of fun as it was the acquaintance party of the organization I was in, but it was ruined. I couldn’t think straight that day. Who ever knew it would happen, right? It was crazy. My heart was in pieces.

It was also in 2014 that I had my second hiatus from K-Pop. I saw the damage my addiction was making and knew it had to stop. By late July, I deactivated my twitter, stopped following groups and focused on studying.

2014 was also the year I got to attend my first concert. I went to Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert 2 which had Super Junior, B.A.P, BTOB, A-Jax, A-Prince and Block B attended.

2015, a year of comeback. In March of the year, I went back and reactivated my twitter. I had a lot of people I missed, updates that I didn’t know anything about, a bunch of stuff I didn’t know. It was more than half a year and I knew nothing anymore. A lot of groups had debuted by the time of my hiatus.

2015, I got more updates about K-Pop. I got to watch some groups debut. Got to like a few of these groups, too. I met more people from different fandoms. It is a crazy year, and a year I am thankful for.

Plans Before Hitting 20

I have about 7 months more before I hit 20 and I’ve listed a few things I want to do it happens.

  1. Ride a plane (or at least get plane tickets before the day) [I won’t be able to do this]
  2. Learn how my mom cooks curry and adobo  [I won’t be able to do this]
  3. Publish about 30 (or 50!) blog posts
  4. Start getting into writing again
  5. Eat at a nice restaurant ALONE
  6. Exercise and get fit [I won’t be able to do this]
  7. Stay up until sunrise, about thrice [I’m sick for the last few days of my break, I won’t be able to do this.]
  8. Shop for clothes and shoes (because this is not something I like doing)
  9. Eat at a cupcake or waffle store
  10. Learn the Korean Language [Currently enrolled at the Korean Culture Center]
  11. Learn how to play the guitar.  [I won’t be able to do this]
  12. Attend all nine Simba sa Gabi