I started last Sunday, March 12th, the same as I always do — I wake up at 6AM, get out of bed after a couple of hours, and try to feed myself with the non-existing breakfast we have.

I planned on studying the whole day as I had a quiz on Logic Circuits and an exam on System Administrations course — I didn’t.

I went online for most of the day and around 4PM, I left to buy groceries with my parents and my siblings.

I went to buy Yum Yum. I also took a couple of ramyeon and tried to look for cookies. It was exam week and I wanted to buy as much as I can so I have something to eat when I start studying.

While paying for the groceries, I saw my mom playing on the mini-games they offered at the market. My dad kept paying by the thousands for the groceries — the mini-games can be played when you buy 1000 pesos worth of groceries.

We were able to get 7 tickets and divided them to the four of us (my dad did not want to play).

There were two games, including flip the bottle. That was the first time I’ve ever tried it. It was fun and was a stress-reliever.

As we bought a bit too many groceries, we were not able to eat out and went straight home.

Once home, we were able to cook for food and had ham sandwich. We also cleaned up and arranged the groceries.

I tried to study until 7:00PM, when we had to prepare to go to mass. 

I spent the rest of the night doing nothing but panicking over my quiz and exam the next day. 


My 2016 in Bullets

I felt like doing this again after this. This year was definitely the best so far. I have changed a lot and accepted myself. I called someone a friend, and called a few others my friends. I loved a lot of people and accepted them for who they are. I stood up for myself and kept a few emotions to myself. It was awesome, and here’s a bunch more.

  • A better year, definitely
  • Finally attended a solo concert
  • Met teamwaffles’ maknae, Pam
  • Handled the first group order I ever had
  • Met Iveck online, hopefully in person by 2017
  • Spent a night by myself, without a family member, at a classmate’s house for a project
  • Opened Compile Live KPop
  • Opened another group order for SVT EMS Stickers
  • Opened a group order that was cancelled
  • Read a book after a long while
  • Attended Seventeen PH
  • Fell for BTS again
  • Fell deep into GOT7’s fandom
  • Bought 3 albums in one go
  • Bought an official photobook for the first time
  • Changed twitter accounts thrice
  • Got closer to Myles and finally met her in December
  • Attended two concerts in two consecutive days
  • Wrote
  • Published one verse
  • Dreamed about the first story I will be writing about starting now
  • Boy groups
  • Girl groups
  • Girl groups
  • and more girl groups
  • Became a Harry Potter fan
  • Watched all of Real GOT7 episodes, from seasons 1 to 3
  • Watched IGOT7
  • Loved the Lord of the Rings
  • Made getting a life-sized R2-D2 a life goal
  • Bought a bag
  • Had my leather shoes break after only a few weeks
  • Dad approved of me going to South Korea next year
  • Finally a fourth year college student!
  • Talked to Evange again!
  • My eyesight has gotten worse :c
  • Grandmother gave me her precious watch
  • Have gotten better in socializing though I would still rather sit at home alone
  • Had an awesome morning adventure
  • Went to two different overnights in two consecutive days
  • Finally called someone a ‘friend’
  • Had a mini reunion with the whole group – Jinky, Angelica, Juvylyn. I’ll love them for life.
  • Published another verse
  • A vacation for the first time in three years
  • Studied Basic Korean!!
  • Went to NCT PH Gathering although I wasn’t really a fan but it was fun
  • Fell for a guy in class
  • Went to BTS’ concert!
  • Finally saw Selena Gomez live!
  • Ate out with my sister’s college friends
  • I bought a Dayoung photocard
  • Bought A LOT of cards this year
  • Met ate April and she’s awesome as can be. Missing her so much
  • Never wanted to punch a guy so bad
  • Received a giraffe stuffed toy from my sister and her friend
  • Received a gift from someone after so many years
  • Was sent letters from penpals
  • Started collecting again
  • Had a few mishaps because of my name
  • Wrote a poem inside a coffee shop
  • Bought my first coffee from Starbucks with my own money
  • Bought coffee from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
  • Attended a concert ALONE
  • Celebrated SNSD’s 9th anniversary
  • A miracle with my Statics grade
  • Appreciated myself more
  • Won a giveaway!
  • Opened an online shop
  • Tried selling alone
  • Shipped a package by myself
  • Sent a letter by myself
  • Won playing Uno for three consecutive times
  • Became a fan of FRIENDS
  • Found my old speech in high school
  • Changed my body clock
  • Met Dabit in a mini fanmeeting
  • Bought 5 signed albums
  • Was given my first salary (?)
  • Experienced having cable TV
  • Ordered online for the first time
  • Donated for a good cause
  • Followed a basketball game
  • Followed another game
  • Saw the EXO mascots!
  • Was replied to by APRIL’s Chaewon
  • Got another reply from APRIL’s  Yena

What I Have Done This Summer So Far

Well, as I have said on another post, I am currently on a summer break and boy, am I enjoying not seeing anyone other than my family quite a lot.

First off, I slept a lot! After all the stress the past semesters had given me, I slept a lot.It was nice. Really nice.

On April 2 and 3, I had volunteer work for a cosplay convention. It was very tiring but also fun. I ran here and there. I probably ran 10 or 20 times from one end to the other of the Mall of Asia Convention Center (it was big!!).

April 6th and 7th, we went to Antipolo for a short vacation. I was with my family and a few of their friends. I got close to them as well, at least a bit. They went for a swim on the nearest swimming pool; I updated the archive. We watched movies, too. The internet was slow.

After that, we had a meeting on the 16th. I bought Starbucks Mocha Frappe, which I don’t buy often, by not often, I mean, this is the first time I bought with my own money; dad last bought me a frappe three years ago.

We had cable TV again after about 6 years. I pretty much have spent most of my break lying on the sofa and watching TV.

I missed Phineas and Ferb so much! I remember watching the first episode a few years ago. I have also been able to watch Ghost Whisperer and it brings back so many memories. Also, I didn’t know the Big Bang Theory was this good! I now know why many of my tumblr followings were so into this show. I got to watch FRIENDS, too. Jennifer Aniston is a babe. Gotta say Phoebe is my favorite of the bunch, but all of them are really funny.

Well, I look forward to studying Korean and playing the guitar for the rest of my break. I still have five weeks to spare. I don’t want to go to school yet!! 😦

That’s it for today. Bye~