While most people do not recognize it, a few fans might be able to. My username, nshnkn, actually came from the name of a favorite JPop artist: Nishino Kana.

I remember back in March, wanting to use a shorter username from my previous (wafflechangsub), I got the idea of removing the consonants from my favorite artist. It was 6 letters long and I found it perfect as a username. I have taken an absolute liking to it and plan to use them for a few more years. ✌


An Introduction

As a new member of the website, it is only appropriate that I tell some things about myself.

Hello! I am Bessie, a nineteen year old from the Philippines. I am currently taking up Computer Engineering.

I am interested in writing, especially essays and poems. I opened up this blog to improve my writing. I have taken a liking to K-Pop, dinosaurs, giraffes, the outer space, and unusual things.

My username nshnkn comes from the consonants of my favorite singer’s name: Nishino Kana. I have taken a liking to the username and have been using it for the past months. I might change into something better suited for a personal blog when I get to think of one.