English and How To Improve It

This was a speech I wrote for a contest back when I was in high school. Posted a blog about my experience. Here goes nothing:

We all that English is a language used by many countries around the globe. Our country, the Philippines, is one of those. We consider it as our second language and therefore, as Filipino citizens, we should be able to know and use English well. So how do we improve it? How can we be able to use English well?

One way of improving English is by giving importance to it and finding time to study it. That is the reason why we have it as one of the major subjects in school. But just because we only have almost an hour in studying English doesn’t mean that’s the only time we should study it. Studying doesn’t end in school and knowledge does not stop after graduation.

Another way is by using the language itself in communicating with other people. We do learn by experience. We could learn a lot just by speaking to other people or maybe in the internet.  We could chat with people around the globe.

By taking down notes about English, we could also learn the language. We could reread it when we get confused or puzzled. And also when we hear or read a word or a phrase we do not know, we should note it so that we could gain knowledge, more knowledge about English.

There are probably a lot more ways on how to gain more knowledge about English, on how we can improve it. We all should know how important it is to us, and be able to understand what it means to communicate to everyone in the world.


A Speech Contest

A few years ago, back in high school, I was chosen to be the representative of a speech writing and deliberation contest. I was absent the day it was decided and was surprised to be told about it. I was not good at writing speeches.

I remembered going to different websites, reading speeches on blogs, and taking advises from writers as I really did not know how to make a speech. I went crazy for days.

The day of the speech writing was pretty okay. I was nervous. I wanted to win at some point so I poured my heart out into writing. My crush was there, too, making me more nervous, but this information isn’t really needed. The concept was about improving English in the Philippines.

Two days later, I was called by the director of the English organization. I was nervous. Well, really, when was I not? When we got to the club room, she gave me my speech and told me that my piece was picked and I was going to have to deliver it on English Day. WHAT? I WAS NOT TOLD THAT WE HAD TO DELIVER IT IN FRONT OF PEOPLE?! I didn’t even know beforehand that it was called a speech writing AND DELIBERATION contest. I was just told that it was a speech writing contest. I was told to wear a formal/semi-formal dress on the day itself. I went back to the classroom both happy and sad. It was great that my speech was picked, but having to wear a dress and speak in front of people is the absolute worst!

The day finally came. I’m pretty sure that I was shaking throughout the day. When I already had to change into a dress, I know I was pretty much close to dying then.

A few minutes before we had to deliver the speech, we were asked who wanted to go first, and, I don’t know what got into the mind of the teacher in charge but she picked me to go first. This is the part where I curse but I won’t.

I was given the mic afterwards. I was shaking. I couldn’t feel my body anymore. I wanted everything to stop. I wanted to run away then.

I was somehow blamed for the judges not being able to hear anything but I fully blame the mic. It was broken.

I finished the speech and went down with my classmates for break time. Sadly, it was also the time they announced the winners. I placed third. I was not there to get my price and certificate. Until now, I regret going down just to eat.

Well, that was the greatest achievement I have ever done in my life.

Overall, it was nerve-wracking but very fun. Right now, I don’t have any contests I could join in but if given the chance to join a writing contest again, I would love to!

Here’s the link to the speech I wrote, which, in all honesty, was very stressful to read and type.

And here’s a back/side photo of me while doing the speech:252312_470137796358206_1649491661_n